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"general" locomotive - united-states1
"the canadian"1
117, [etc.]1
1201 steam locomotive1
1836-1986 - dorchester - la prairie - st-jean - histoire1
1960s 4-axles diesels - modelling cnr passenger trains - living near the railroad - a ride on the acr - western tunnels exposed - daylighting messiter tunnel1
2-ft. gauge - railroad1
64 th report of the okanagan historicla society (okanagan history 75th anniversary 1925-2000)1
98, etc.2

canada.laws, statutes, etc. [from old catalog]
canada.dept. of railways and canals. [from old catalog]

transportation. united states. congresses.
transportation. research. united states. congresses.
transportation research forum.
canadian transportation research forum.
a book of perfected receipts, for making all sorts of articles required of the hotel pastry cook, baker and confectioner, especially adapted for hotel and steamboat use, and for cafes and fine bakeries.1
a brawling - boisterous novel of railroading at the turn of the century1
a new mainline diesel-electric locomotive1
a photo history2
a photo history.1
a.c. gilbert company - railroads - models
railroads. models.
kimball, steven h.,1962-
a4s pacifics pictures1
abandon d'embranchements - québec1
abandoned rail lines - canada1
abbott, j. j. c.(john joseph caldwell),sir,1821-1893.
prime ministers. canada. biography.
canada. politics and government. 1841-1867.
canada. politics and government. 1867-1914.
acadie - histoire - québec1
accessories - catalogue - stuart1
accessories - model engineer - locomotives1
accident - chemin de fer nationaux du canada - ontario - ingersoll1
accident - enquête1
accident - great western railway - ontario-hamilton1
accident - incident - report - canada - canadian transport commission1
accident - st-bruno1
accident ferroviaire1
accident à mississauga1
account - capital structure - receipts - expenditures - operating statistics1
account manual1
accounting canadian national1
accounting, balance sheet, wartime operations1
accounting, canadian national8
achats et stocks - guide de sécurité1
across canada1
across canada - canadian national railways2
across canada, transcontinental service, provinces of canada1
act - canadian pacific railway - 18811
act - grand trunk railway1
act to etablish, law1
acts - canadian pacific railway company1
acts - great western railway company1
acts - parliament - queen victoria -1
acts of incorporation - by-laws - ottawa - railway company1
adam beck- electric railroads - ontario- history1
address by the president1
addresses - legal directory - regulation - canada - educational - shipping guide...1
adirondack - delaware and hudson railway company1
adirondack region1
adirondack vistas1
advertisement, quebec bridge2
advertising - history - canada1
advertising meeting - hotel, rail, steamship1
aeronautics - canada - history - air canada - canadian pacific airlines1
aeronautics - canada - history.
aeronautics. arctic regions. history.
bush flying. canada. history.
affiches - canadian pacifique1
affiches - la vie du rail - trains1
affiches - quebec - histoire1
agreement - canadian pacific railway1
agreement - stations - saint john - c.p.r.1
agreement - toronto - grand trunk1
agreement between his majesty the king and the grand trunk railway company of canada1
agricultural, development, stories, western canada
hudson bay region. history.
agriculture - canada1
agriculture - canada - history - colonization - emigration and immigration1
agriculture - economic aspects - prairie provinces1
agriculture - wheat - national life1
agriculture, elevator1
aide-mémoire de cantonnier - parcoureur1
air brake - air pump2
air brake - canadian pacific railway3
air brake - freight car1
air brake - maintenance1
air brake compressors - locomotive brake equipment1
air brake maintenance - canadian pacific railway1
air brake system - operation1
air brake
railroads. finance. [from old catalog]
air brakes1
air canada - histoire - compagnie de transport aérien -1
air signal - canadian pacific railway1
air signal - maintenance1
air transport1
air transport - economy1
air transport - geography1
air transportation - study1
air-brake - handbooks - manuals - railways - brakes1
air-brake compressors - brake equipment.1
dudley, samuel william,1879- [from old catalog]. joint author.
westinghouse air brake company. [from old catalog]
ajax water cooler models1
akokiniskway - history1
alaska - description and travel1
alaska - description and travel - travel across canada
canada. description and travel.
alaska - yukon - story - white pass - scenic points1
alaska railroad - guidebooks.
railroad travel. alaska. guidebooks.
alaska. guidebooks.
williams, anita.
alaska railroad.1
alberta - calgary - rockies -1
alberta - canadian locomotive2
alberta - history1
alberta - railways - history1
alberta coal branch - coal to oil - electrician's car - cnr pullmans - t-2-a class 2-10-2 - modelling ho gp7s and f3s - turcot yard - loading ramp1
album souvenir - canada - histoire1
alco - diesel-electric -1
alco history1
alco locomotive-diesel-new england1
alco locomotives2
alco locomotives - history1
alcohol - acts1
alcools - québec1
algoma - railway -1
algoma central railway.4
algoma eastern railway - history2
algoma rails - history1
algonquin provincial park (ont.) - history - pictorial works.
algonquin provincial park (ont.). pictorial works.
ontario.ministry of natural resources.
allan line steamship co - history.
shipping. canada. history.
almanacs - american - massachusetts.
american almanac collection (library of congress). dlc
john davis batchelder collection (library of congress). dlc
almanacs, american - new york (state)
almanacs, american. connecticut.
almanacs, american. new jersey.
almanacs, american. pennsylvania.
american tract society.
almanacs, canadian - canadian affairs - addresses, spellings, and precise titles of government officials1
alphabetical list - steam - electric - railways - canada1
alphabetical list of station - stock yard - track scales - directory and atlas - canadian pacific1
america - pictorial works.1
american architectural books1
american civil war - railroad - history1
american colonies, communication, post office, postal service, history1
american express1
american express co. - america1
american locomotive company1
american locomotive company _ montreal locomotive works _ history1
american locomotive company.
locomotives. united states.
american locomotive company.
locomotives. united states. pictorial works.
locomotives. canada. pictorial works.
american locomotives company1
american locomotives company - hh series1
american periodicals.
burlingame, edward l.(edward livermore),1848-1922,ed.
bridges, robert,1858-1941,ed.
logan, harlan,ed.
american poetry.1
american rail travel - history1
american railroad1
american railroad -1
american railroad - history1
american railroad - laboratory - research - experimentation - safety - passenger - employe1
american railroad - laboratory - research - expermentation -1
american railroad - laboratory - research - expermentation - safety1
american railroad - statistics - canadian railway statistics1
american railroad association7
american railroad journal1
american railroads1
american railroads - history1
american railroads history1
american railroads history - great northern - hill1
american railway - the duluth, missabe and iron range railway - canadian pacific railway1
american railway association7
american railway association - conventions - equipment11
american railway association - mechanical - operations and maintenance1
american railways - british investment1
american steam locomotive-hudsons-new york central-great steel fleet-passenger limiteds1
american train stations1
american trains1
american transcontinental1
american, france, italy, germany, norway, belgium, holland, ireland, great britain, hungary1
ampere, a.m., bell, a.g., edison, t.a., faraday, m., hertz, h., marconi, g., morse, s., weber, w.e., communication1
amtrack car spotter1
amtrack, turbo-train, passenger trains, domes, zephyrs1
amtrak northeast corridor1
railroads. united states. passenger traffic.
amusements - railroads
railroad trains. miscellanea.
angers - dicsours1
angus shops - locomotive - canadian pacific railway1
anniversary booklet.1
anniversary, pioneer railway, locomotive, development, traffic, track, fort erie bridge1
annotated time table1
annual fiscal report 19411
annual fiscal report 19431
annual fiscal report 19451
annual fiscal report 19461
annual fiscal report 1946 for montreal locomotive works1
annual fiscal report 19471
annual fiscal report 1947, montreal locomotive works ltd1
annual fiscal report 19481
annual fiscal report 19491
annual fiscal report 1949, montreal locomotive works ltd1
annual fiscal report 19501
annual fiscal report 1950, montreal locomotive works ltd.1
annual fiscal report 19511
annual fiscal report 1951, montreal locomotive works ltd1
annual fiscal report 19521
annual fiscal report 1952, montreal locomotive works ltd.1
annual fiscal report 19531
annual fiscal report 1953, montreal locomotive works ltd.1
annual fiscal report 1954, montreal locomotive works ltd.1
annual fiscal report 1954, pullman1
annual fiscal report 1955, pullman1
annual fiscal report 19561
annual fiscal report 1961, montreal locomotive works1
annual meeting - canadian street railway association1
annual meeting - committee - american association of railroad1
annual meeting of shareholders - report of proceedings - edmonton, alberta1
annual register - dominion of canada1
annual report7
annual report - boston transit commission1
annual report - canadian pacific railway1
annual report - chief inspector - inspection1
annual report - delaware and hudson company1
annual report - detroit & milwaukee railway company1
annual report - georgia railway company1
annual report - grand trunk corporation1
annual report - harbour commissioners - montreal1
annual report - highway costs - ontario - motor vehicles1
annual report - interstate - commerce - commission3
annual report - interstate - commerce -commission3
annual report - new york - engineering1
annual report - ontario railway.1
annual report - rail-road commissioner - maps1
annual report - railways and canals1
annual report - seashore electric railway -1
annual report - statistic - dominion - british north america1
annual report 18901
annual report 18961
annual report 1897.1
annual report 18982
annual report 18991
annual report 19001
annual report 1932, pullman1
annual report 1933, pullman1
annual report 1934, pullman1
annual report 1935, pullman1
annual report 1947 of budd company1
annual report 1948 for the budd company1
annual report 1949 of the budd company1
annual report 1949, american locomotive company1
annual report 1950, american locomotive company1
annual report 1952, american locomotive company1
annual report 1953 alco1
annual report 1953 for the budd company1
annual report 1954 for the budd company1
annual report 1954 of alco1
annual report 1955 for the budd company1
annual report 1956 for the budd company1
annual report 1957, pullman1
annual report 1958, pullman1
annual report 1961 for the budd company1
annual report 1961, pullman2
annual report 1962 for the budd company1
annual report 1962, pullman1
annual report 1963, pullman1
annual report 1963, the budd company1
annual report 1964, pullman1
annual report 1964, the budd company1
annual report 1965, pullman1
annual report 1965, the budd company1
annual report 1966 for pullman incorporated1
annual report 1966, the budd company1
annual report 1967, the budd company1
annual report 1968, the budd company1
annual report 1969, the budd company1
annual report 1975, the budd company1
annual report 1976, the budd company1
annual report of the city - montreal1
annual report, 1960, for the budd company1
annual report, cpr1
annual reports - montreal1
answers to questions
railroads. cars.
anticosti island (québec) - history.1
antiques - catalogue1
antiques catalog - canadian national1
ants - juvenile fiction.
railroads. juvenile fiction.
ants. fiction.
railroads. fiction.
stories in rhyme.
pamintuan, macky,ill.
apprenticeship program - canadian national railways1
apta report1
aqueduct, delaware & hudson railway, history, bridge, engineer1
arcade & attica1
architectural metal-work - catalogs.
architectural extruded shapes.
architectural survey - saskatchewan3
architecture - canada2
architecture - canada - buildings and structures - toronto - terminals1
architecture - canada - periodicals.1
architecture - civil engineering - mechanics - railways1
architecture - history1
architecture - montreal1
architecture - ontario - toronto - history.
buildings. ontario. toronto.
toronto (ont.). buildings, structures, etc.
otto, stephen a.,1940-
architecture - québec (province) - montréal - history.
city planning. québec (province). montréal. history.
montréal. québec. buildings, structures, etc.
gournay, isabelle.
vanlaethem, france.
architecture - québec (province) - montréal.
historic buildings. québec (province). montréal.
westmount, québec. buildings, structures, etc.
montréal (québec). buildings, structures, etc.
hooff, sally,joint author.
petite montagne.
architecture - québec (province) - québec, que.
buildings. québec (province). québec.
québec (québec). buildings, structures, etc.
paulette, claude,joint author.
tremblay, michel,1942-. joint author.
architecture, hotel, railway station, tourist, passengers, travel1
architecture, hotels, château style, stations, canadian pacific, taverns1
architecture, manitoba, winnipeg1
architecture, montreal, ville-marie place1
archives, conservator, librarian1
archives, preservations, librairian, conservator, further reading1
arizona - pictorial works.
southern pacific railroad.
armoured train - canada1
army - canada1
army train - railway fiction1
army transportation corps - world war ii - railways1
aroostook special1
arpentage - exploration - chemin de fer - transcontinental - grand tronc1
arrow (ship) - reports - oil reconnaissance
oil pollution of rivers, harbors, etc.nova scotia. chedabucto bay.
water. purification. nova scotia. chedabucto bay.
operation oil.
arrow (ship) - reports - oil reconnaissance
oil pollution of rivers, harbors, etc.nova scotia. chedabucto bay.
water. purification. nova scotia. chedabucto bay.
operation oil.
art - canada1
art décoratif1
art gallery - painting1
art gallery of toronto.1
art sales - index1
art, canadian - alberta - 20th century - exhibitions1
articulated locomotives - western pacific1
artisan exposition1
arts - pictorial works - scenes - railways1
asia - commerce - foreign influences - history - exhibitions1
association - law1
association - meeting - car accountant2
association - western - traffic1
association of american railroads1
association of american railroads - mechanical - operations and maintenance5
association of independent railways - ian allan railway heritage awards1
association, systems, procedures, chicago, illinois, boston, budd car1
astronomical techniques, time, signals1
atchison, topeka, and santa fe railroad company.
locomotives. history.
athearn model1
atkins, rebecca,1911-2000 - childhood and youth - juvenile literature.
atkins, rebecca,1911-2000. childhood and youth.
canadian national railways. history. 20th century. juvenile literature.
canadian national railways. history. 20th century.
brent (ont.). social life and customs. 20th century. juvenile literature.
brent (ont.). biography. juvenile literature.
algonquin provincial park (ont.). biography. juvenile literature.
brent (ont.). social life and customs. 20th century.
algonquin provincial park (ont.)
mackey, paul,1954-
mackey, doug,1930-
atlantic & st. lawrence railroad - mortgage1
atlantic & st.lawrence railroad - montreal - canada - east of portland1
atlantic & st.lawrence railroad co. - portlant1
atlantic coast line railroad company.1
atlantic division - eastern division - ontario division - lake superior division - manitoba division - saskatchewan division - alberta division - british columbia division1
atlantic provinces - corridor road - maine1
atlantic shore railway - eastern division - history1
atlantic states - guidebooks.
canada. guidebooks.
united states. guidebooks.
atlantinc region - architecture - station1
atlas - american railway - canadian railway1
atlas - canada2
atlas - europe - chemins de fer1
atlas - train.1
atlas -maps - united state1
atlas des chemins de fer canadiens - canada1
atlas, maps1
canada. maps. [from old catalog]
canada. description and travel.
doubleday (nelson) inc.
murray-aaron, eugene,1852-1941.
quick reference atlas.
united states. maps.
auditors' report - canadian national railway system2
autobus - histoire - dorval -1
automatic train control1
automobile canada - history1
automobile - aircraft - marine1
automobile car - tank car - box car - trailler -1
automobile guide1
automobile travel - new england - guidebooks.
new england. guidebooks.
sargent, porter edward, pub. [from old catalog]
automobile travel - québec (province) - guidebooks.1
automobile travel - rocky mountain - canadian pacific railway - guidebooks1
automobile, transport, war, railway car1
automobiles - québec (province) - montréal.
automobiles. social aspects. québec (province). montréal.
local transit. québec (province). montréal.
average citizen1
aviation canada - history1
b & o - photographs1
b.c. dispatching in steam days - cn's big centuries - elma, manitoba around the clock at london - big snow of '47 - wisps of steam1
b.c. electric1
b.c. electric - history1
b.c. railway - history1
baccalaureate address2
baker valve gear1
baldwin locomotive - works - steam locomotive1
baldwin locomotives.2
baldwin locomotives.
illustrated catalogue of locomotives.
baldwin locomotives.
locomotives. history.
baldwin locomotives.
locomotives. history.
baldwin-lima-hamilton corporation.history of the baldwin locomotive works, 1831-1923. 1966.
baldwin-lima-hamilton corporation.
locomotives. united states. history.
ballasting - specifications1
baltimore & ohio2
baltimore & ohio r.r. - chicago - railway travel1
baltimore - ohio - transport - locomotive1
baltimore - railroad - minute book -1
baltimore and ohio railroad company - history.1
baltimore and ohio railroad company.2
baltimore and ohio railroad company.
locomotives. history.
baltimore and ohio railroad company.
railroads. exhibitions.
centenary exhibition of the baltimore & ohio railroad.
baltimore and ohio railroad
locomotives. history. [from old catalog]
baltimore city - history - mail service - post office1
banff - geography - tour1
banff - lake louise - guide of modern travel1
banff national park (alta.) - history - description
banff (alta.). history.
banff springs hotel.
banff (alta.). history.
banff, indian days1
bangor and aroostook railroad company.
railroads. maine.
cleaves, herb.
bangor street railway.1
bank notes - canada - catalogs1
bank of montreal.2
bank of toronto.
dominion bank, toronto.
banks and banking. canada.
toronto (ont.). dominion bank.
bankhead - history1
banque hochelaga, banque national, managers, joliette, quebec city, montreal1
banque, monnaie1
barfield, tony.
great western railway (great britain)
locomotive firemen. biography.
bassett-lowke railways - boiler fittings - gauge - american railroads - steam age1
bassett-lowke railways catalogue - railroads1
battle ships1
bc rail - history - pictorial works - british columbia - royal hudson1
beatty, edward wentworth,sir,1878-1943.
canadian pacific railway company.
beavor, e. s.(eric stanley)
locomotives. great britain.
beck, adam, sir, 1857-1925.
ontario. hydro-electric power commission.
electric utilities ontario.
beck, adam,sir,1857-1925.
ontario.hydro-electric power commission.
electric utilities. ontario.
beginnings, revolution, war 1803-1815, reform, colonial era, louisburg, acadia1
bell canada - interrogatories - canadian pacific ltd1
bell, alexander graham (1847-1922), phones, communications1
beloeil bridge disaster - history1
belvedere - railway - clarington2
benefit for each employee - province of quebec - yukon territory1
benefit plan - alberta - employee2
benefit plan - saskatchewan - employee1
berkshire street railway - massachusetts'1
beyer, peacock & co. ltd - locomotive builders1
bibliographies - repertory1
bibliography - railroading - british columbia.1
bibliography on railway. b.c.1
bicentenary of the first public exhibition of a team locomotive running on rails1
biographie - mclaughlin1
biographie, william van horne - construction - histoire.2
biography - hotel1
biography - kenneth george mappin - history - great war1
biography - stephensons1
biography .1
biography of george francistrain1
biography of brunel1
biography of casimir gzowski1
biography of charles fleetford sise 1834-19181
biography of charles tupper1
biography of father lacombe1
biography of george and robert stephenson2
biography of george stephenson3
biography of george stephenson - engineer - history.1
biography of george stephenson, father of railways1
biography of george stephenson.1
biography of grant.1
biography of harry brathwaite abbott1
biography of hon w.h. merritt1
biography of james kitson1
biography of lord strathcona1
biography of matthias w. baldwin1
biography of pope john henry.1
biography of robert stephenson1
biography of sir john a. macdonald1
biography of the pioneers1
biography of the stephensons1
biography of thomas brassey1
biography, botanist, scientist, preservation, engineer1
biography, george stephenson1
biography, giovanni veltri1
biography, matthew murray1
biography, percy erskine nobbs.1
biography, robert strephenson1
biography, thomas keefer1
biography, william van horne.1
black-and-white films1
blount, f. nelson,1918-1
board of railway commissioners for canada - history - grand trunk
railroads and state. canada. history.
railroads. freight. rates. canada. history.
board of railway commissioners for canada - periodicals5
boiler - handbooks - manuals, etc.1
boiler - pressure - recommendation -1
boiler, firebox, smokebox, construction, systems, steam engine1
bombardier - génie - compagnie québécoise2
bombardier - joseph-armand bombardier - inventeur - motoneiges1
bonaventure station1
book - caada - history1
booklet - atlantic - canadian pacific1
booth's railway - whitney's1
booth, j. r.(john rudolphus),1827-1925.
lumber trade. ottawa river valley (quebec and ont.). history.
lumbermen. ottawa river valley (quebec and ont.). biography.
businessmen. ottawa river valley (quebec and ont.). biography.
ottawa river valley (quebec and ont.). biography.
bordereaux - trafic - wagon1
boston & maine - locomotives illustrations1
boston - concord, and montreal railroad - history.
railroads. new hampshire. history.
boston and maine railroad.
steam locomotives. united states.
boston, concord, and montreal railroad - history.
railroads. new hampshire. history.
boulton, isaac watt - locomotive
locomotives. history.
railroads, local and light. great britain. history.
boulton, isaac watt.
locomotives. history.
railroads, local and light. great britain. history.
boundary historical society - report - kettle river district1
box car - canadian pacific6
brake equipment - charts2
brake system1
brake systems, engineering, mechanical1
brake-gear design1
railroads. safety appliances.
brake shoe, the story of the.
branch lines - n.s. - guysboro railway - history.1
branchline history - ontario1
brandford electric railway1
brantford (ont.) - history.
brant co., ont.history.
clark, robert.
brant historical society.
brass model1
brassey, thomas,1805-1870.1
brazeau collieries mining1
bridge - architecture1
bridge - model1
bridge - quebec1
bridge - turntable - structure1
bridge, gtr2
bridge, railway development1
bridge, report1
bridges - british columbia - history1
bridges - canadian pacific1
bridges - coal burning locomotives - tunnels - maps1
bridges - history.
watson, sara ruth,1906 or 7-1995,joint author.
bridges - north america.1
bridges - ponts - confederation bridge - pont de la confédération1
bridges - united states.
historic bridges. united states.
bridges. united states. pictorial works.
delony, eric.
american society of civil engineers.
bridges, cantilever - design and construction.
railroad bridges. québec (province). québec. history.
pont de québec (québec). history.
bridgton and saco river railroad company.1
brill : car and trucks1
brill company - streetcar - truck1
brill trolley car1
brisith railway - bibliography1
bristish locomotives - steam - britain history - british railways - recollections - reminiscences2
bristish streetcar1
britain's railway heritage1
british columbia - canadian pacific's rossland subdivision - history1
british columbia - electric's fraser - chilliwack1
british columbia - geography1
british columbia - history2
british columbia - history - railways1
british columbia - locomotives1
british columbia - lumber- history1
british columbia - railway1
british columbia - railway - history1
british columbia - railway act.1
british columbia - royal hudson tour1
british columbia - technical research1
british columbia - trackside1
british columbia - traverl book1
british columbia electric railway company - history - street-railroads - vancouver
street-railroads. british columbia.
british columbia industrial locomotives.1
british columbia railway1
british columbia railway - annual report1
british columbia railway - history.
railroads. british columbia. history.
british columbia railway, annual report1
british columbia, canadian pacific, rockies mountains1
british columbia, heritage, nature riches, the sea, human ressources, leisure1
british empire - canada - congress1
british locomotive - a4 - mallard1
british locomotives1
british locomotives - canadian pacific steam power1
british locomotives - steam locomotives1
british north america - railroad1
british railway1
british railway - facsimile reproductions1
british railway - french railway1
british railway history1
british railway, engine driver, royal train, british locomotives1
british railway, mechanical, civil engineering, second world war1
british railways1
british railways - history1
british railways history1
broad overview of the ocean, air and inland transport systems ----- history, operation, inventory, problems1
broadcasting, public sector, private sector, canadian talent1
brochure de musée.1
brochure touristique de l'empress1
brochville - history1
brockville & ottawa railway1
brockville - history1
brooks aqueduc history - alberta1
brooks locomotives works1
brotherhood of sleeping car porters - history.
pullman porters. united states. history.
african americans. social conditions.
brown, george - rocky mountains - canada1
brownell car company - saint louis1
brunel, isambard kingdom,1806-1859.
civil engineering.
brunel, isambard kingdom,1806-1859.
civil engineers. great britain. biography.
civil engineering. great britain. history.
brunel, isambard kingdom,1806-1859.
pugsley, alfred,sir,1903-
budd cars, publicity1
budd company, passenger trains, spv-20001
budd company.
railroad motorcars.
budd company.
railroad passenger cars. united states.
kerr, j. w.(james w.),1939-
budd company.
railroad passenger cars.
kerr, j. w.(james w.),1939-
budd, edward gowen,1870-1946.
budd company.
budd, modifications, new york central's1
budgetary pressures - annual review - political developments - canada1
buffalo & lake erie traction co.
street-railroads. new york (state)
street-railroads. pennsylvania.
buffalo and lake erie traction co.
buffalo railways - interurbans - suburban - history1
buffalo, rochester, and pittsburgh railway company - history.
railroads. new york (state). history.
railroads. pennsylvania. history.
buffet service - canadian pacific railway1
building the raritan1
building trades1
building, iron and steel.
aluminum, structural.
gaylord, charles n.joint author.
built the railroads - dreamers and pioneers - mountains1
bulletin - boston - barre - gadner -1
bulletin - burlington1
bulletin - index1
bulletin - montreal - north america1
bureau of agriculture - canada1
burlington - chicago - route - zephyr1
burlington locomotive, design, zephir1
burlington northern railroad1
bus seats, j. g. brill company, streetcar1
buses - antiques : trams - antiques1
transportation, automotive. law and legislation. great britain.
business - alberta - history1
business - canadian life1
business - study of basic principles of canadian business
canada. commerce.
business guide2
business man1
business reference2
business, birth, phones, communications1
business, commercial correspondence, selling, sales personnel1
business, energy, pipeline1
businessman, mctavish, simon, mcgillivray, william1
businessmen, entrepreneur, atlantic provinces, industries1
by laws1
by-law, brotherhood, engineer1
bytown - prescott1
bytown, ottawa1
c line locomotives - operating manual1
c. p. r. - railways1
c.b.c. - canada - politics and government - history - 1914 - journalists - correspondence - reminiscences - thornton, sir henry1
c.n.r. - canada parl. house. sessional committee on railways, airlines and shipping1
c.n.r. - stations1
c.n.r. - stations - canada.1
c.n.r. - stations - montreal1
c.n.r. - stations - ottawa1
c.n.r. - terminal montreal - central station1
c.n.r. - wheels1
c.p. - new highway - mountains prairies & rivers - canada1
c.p.r. - canadian pacific steamships - télécommunications - c.p. air - report1
c.p.r. - history1
c.p.r. - images1
c.p.r. - new highway - orient - mountains prairies and rivers1
c.p.r. - new highway to the orient1
c.p.r. - organisation - control1
c.p.r. centennial issue - montreal to vancouver1
c.p.r. finance - syndicate1
ca profession - alberta1
cable railway - traction railways1
cables, submarine1
caboose - folklore - stories- british columbia - canadian rockies1
cabooseless train operation - canada1
cahier de la citoyenneté canadienne - canada - gouvernement - transport - ressources1
caisse de prévoyance2
calendar - canadian railway scenes1
calendar - canada1
calendars - commercial statistics - historic sketches of commercial corporations andfirms and advertisements
canada. history. chronology. [from old catalog]
canada. commerce. [from old catalog]
calgary (alta.) - history.1
calgary - description2
calgary railways-cpr1
calgary transit - history1
california western - redwoods - iron horses - skunk railroad - the pacific1
camille pissarro (1830-1903) - evolution of pissarro's painting1
can-car - history1
canada - maps - simcoe history
canada. history.
canada. directories.
canada. biography.
canada. biography. portraits.
canada - altitudes.1
canada - altitudes.
canada.commission of conservation.
canada - altitudes.
ferguson, george hendry. [from old catalog]
canada.commission of conservation. [from old catalog]
canada - army - royal canadian engineers.
mcdill, w. a.,joint author.
military engineers association of canada.
canada - biography - portraits1
canada - biography.1
canada - biography.
challener, frederick sproston,1869-
canada - biography.
wallace, w. stewart. (william stewart),1884-1970,ed.
canada - biography
hamilton, ross, [from old catalog]. ed.
canada - british association1
canada - census, 1881.1
canada - centenaire1
canada - climate.
thomas, morley k.
canada.meteorological division.
canada - description and travel1
canada - description and travel - niagara falls - new england states1
canada - description and travel.5
canada - description and travel.
canada. economic conditions. [from old catalog]
canada - description and travel.
canada. statistics.
canada - description and travel.
japan. description and travel. [from old catalog]
sri lanka. description and travel.
canada - description and travel.
united states. description and travel.
canada - description and travel.
warkentin, john,1928-. ed.
canada - description and travel
east asia. description and travel.
canadian pacific railway company.
canada - economic conditions - railway1
canada - economic conditions.
northwest, canadian. economic conditions.
canada.dept. of the interior.railway lands branch.
canada - economic conditions
canada. social conditions. [from old catalog]
canada - economic policy - economic1
canada - emigration - immigration - population - history2
canada - emigration and immigration - history - juvenile literature1
canada - encyclopedia3
canada - geography1
canada - geography - description1
canada - geography - pictorial works1
canada - guide1
canada - guidebooks - western canada
roberts, charles george douglas,1860- [from old catalog]
ingersoll, ernest,1852-1946.
appleton, firm, publishers, new york. (1891-1900.d. appleton and co.) [from old catalog]
canada - guidebooks.1
canada - guidebooks.
alaska. guidebooks.
canada - histoire1
canada - histoire - cartes postales1
canada - historical geography - maps.1
canada - historical geography - maps.
john bartholomew and son.
canada - history1
canada - history - 1867-1914.
canada - history. 1914-1945.
canada. politics and government. 1867-
canada. economic conditions.
canada.dominion bureau of statistics.
canada.national committee for the celebration of the diamond jubilee of confederation.
diamond jubilee of the confederation of canada.
canada - history - 1867-1914.
canada. history. 1867-1914. pictorial works.
portrait of a promised land, canada-1892.
canada - history - anecdotes.1
canada - history - industries - resources - people1
canada - history - periodicals.
alberta. histoire. périodiques.
alberta. history. periodicals.
historical society of alberta.
canada - history - pictorial works.
mclean, tom w.
canada - history - poem - indian1
canada - history - railways1
canada - history - sources.
stacey, c. p.(charles perry),1906-. ed.
canada - history - visit of his majesty1
canada - history.1
canada - history
mclean, tom w.
canada - industrial opportunity1
canada - industries - economics conditions - 19451
canada - majesty queen victoria - parliament1
canada - maps.
canada. description and travel.
george n. tackabury (firm).
canada - maps.
canada. description and travel.
tackabury, george n.,firm.
canada - maps.
canada. statistics.
canada - meaning of place names - history1
canada - natural resources - immigration1
canada - overview1
canada - pacific railway route1
canada - parliament - legislative assembly1
canada - photos1
canada - pictorial works1
canada - pictural work1
canada - politics and government1
canada - politics and government. 1867-1
canada - politics and government. 1867-
hamelin, marcel,ed.
canada - princess elizabeth - programmation1
canada - princess royal - itinerary1
canada - progress and development1
canada - propaganda1
canada - provinces1
canada - railroad - history1
canada - railway - magazine9
canada - railway act1
canada - railways - the great war1
canada - reference book - development - resources1
canada - resources1
canada - statistics1
canada - the great dominion1
canada - the great dominion - british north america - illustrations1
canada - travel - geography1
canada - travel book1
canada - unification arrangement1
canada - united states - royal tour - history1
canada - various texts1
canada - voyage en train1
canada - western - history.1
canada - year book - natural resources - physical characteristics - area and population - production - commerce1
canada almanac 19171
canada annual review5
canada annual review 19041
canada atlantic1
canada atlantic railway - history.1
canada biography1
canada biography, canada history1
canada geography (description)1
canada history - documentary - photographs1
canada history, canada illustrations1
canada history, exploration, revolution, world war, confederation1
canada national railways - the great war1
canada southern railway company - history.
canada southern railway company. history. pictorial works.
railroads. ontario. history.
railroads. ontario. history. pictorial works.
railroads. michigan. history.
railroads. michigan. history. pictorial works.
canada steamship lines - history1
canada's diamond jubilee1
canada's first railway - champlain & st.lawrence1
canada's first railway - history1
canada's national parks1
canada's railway troubles1
canada, emigration and immigration, history - children1
canada, western1
canada, western - history1
canada--historical geography--maps.1
canada. biography - various canadians
machar, agnes maule,1837-1927.
canada. ministry of overseas military forces - war1
o'brien, l. r.(lucius richard),1832-1899.
canadair north star1
canadian almanac - directory of municipal, provincial, and federal governments1
canadian appraisal of the st. lawrence deep waterway1
canadian car1
canadian car - photographies2
canadian car company1
canadian cars1
canadian citizenship - immigration - history1
canadian collieries - cumberland mine1
canadian company - grand trunk railway - historical photographs1
canadian electric street railways and interurban lines1
canadian electric street railways and interurban lines - history - halton county radial railway museum1
canadian engineering - rapid transit2
canadian entrepreneurs - development and investment in canada1
canadian financial executive - buisness1
canadian government railway - history - quebec bridge - engineering1
canadian history - diamond jubilee1
canadian industrial traffic league1
canadian labour congres1
canadian legislation - grand trunk railway company - st.lawrence and atlantic railway1
canadian mining institute - périodiques.
mining society of nova scotia. périodiques.
mineral industries. periodicals.
mines and mineral resources. canada. periodicals.
minas basin. industrie. canada. périodiques.
mining society of nova scotia.
canadian national - history1
canadian national raways - operating manual1
canadian national - alberta - saskatchewan - manitoba1
canadian national - british columbia1
canadian national - eastern canada1
canadian national - western canada4
canadian national - across canada1
canadian national - eastern canada2
canadian national - grand trunk western - central vermont - grand trunk - thousand islands - duluth, winnipeg & pacific1
canadian national - grand trunk western - central vermont - grand trunk railway - duluth, wininpeg & pacific1
canadian national - grand trunk western - central vermont - grand trunk railway - duluth, winnipeg & pacific13
canadian national - infrastructures - plans1
canadian national - manitob, saskatchewan1
canadian national - map1
canadian national - operating diagram1
canadian national - st. lawrence region1
canadian national - statistics1
canadian national - steam locomotives - diagrams1
canadian national - track layouts - plans1
canadian national magazine - index, keeping track - index1
canadian national national railways - history1
canadian national railway1
canadian national railway - grand trunk railway system - pass regulations1
canadian national railway - history1
canadian national railway - railroads - the west.
railroad stations. canada, western.
canadian national railway records1
canadian national railways5
canadian national railways - career1
canadian national railways - constitution governing action and procedure1
canadian national railways - environmental project1
canadian national railways - equipment1
canadian national railways - exhibitions.
railroads. canada. exhibitions.
direction cn: du chemin de fer de portage au réseau national.
canadian national railways - freight equipment2
canadian national railways - gasoline motor coach1
canadian national railways - history3
canadian national railways - history - development1
canadian national railways - history - railroads1
canadian national railways - history - railroads - ontario - stations1
canadian national railways - history - steam locomotives - ontario, northern1
canadian national railways - history - workers
railroads. canada. history.
canadian national railways - history.
merchant marine. canada. history.
canada. commerce. pacific area.
pacific area. commerce. canada.
canadian national railways - history.
railroads. canada. history.
canadian national railways - history.
railroads. canada. history.
railroads of america (macmillan)
canadian national railways - history.
railroads. canada. passenger traffic. history.
nickel belt rails (series)
canadian national railways - history.
railroads. ontario, northern. history. 20th century.
wanner, robert,1935-
national model railroad association (u.s.).cn lines special interest group.
canadian national railways - locomotives engineers1
canadian national railways - minerals and mining industries2
canadian national railways - pension plan1
canadian national railways - place ville marie - construction1
canadian national railways - railway lines1
canadian national railways - safety rules3
canadian national railways - staff regulations1
canadian national railways - station names1
canadian national railways - stations and number western region1
canadian national railways freight train - collision - report1
canadian national railways passenger services1
canadian national railways pension plan1
canadian national railways.
locomotives. history.
corley, raymond f.
canadian national railways.
railroad cars. painting. canada.
canadian national railways.
railroads. canada.
railroads. scotland.
hawkes, arthur,1871-1933,ed.
canadian national railways.
railroads. ontario. history.
canadian national railways.
roundhouses (railroads). ontario. toronto.
watson, harry,1901-1977.
spadina roundhouse as seen through the camera of harry watson, 1923-1966.
canadian national steam locomotives - history1
canadian national telegraph1
canadian national, stations, vancouver, railways, history, canada1
canadian national, stories1
canadian national, wheels1
canadian national- northern ontario railways- canadian pacific railway2
canadian national- northern ontario railways- canadian pacific railway, schoolcar1
canadian national- southern british columbia- southwestern alberta1
canadian national.
railroads and state. canada.
railroads. privatization. canada.
canadian north1
canadian north west1
canadian northern - canadian national - muskoka tourism - algonquin park - grand trunk pacific - new foundland railway - 1957 cnr passenger car roster1
canadian northern - history1
canadian northern railway - canadian national railways - henry thornton -r.c. vaughan- donald gordon- william mackenzie1
canadian northern railway - history1
canadian northern railway company - history.1
canadian pacifc railway - collectibles1
canadian pacifc railway history _ edward beatty1
canadian pacific6
canadian pacific - collectibles1
canadian pacific - alberta - saskatchewan - history1
canadian pacific - british columbia - history1
canadian pacific - british columbia - pictorial works1
canadian pacific - bulletin2
canadian pacific - calgary to edmonton1
canadian pacific - canadian national - british columbia - railway1
canadian pacific - canadian northern railway - transcontinental excursion1
canadian pacific - canadian pacific railway company1
canadian pacific - centennial family day album1
canadian pacific - creation1
canadian pacific - history5
canadian pacific - history - british columbia2
canadian pacific - history - chronology1
canadian pacific - manitoba - history2
canadian pacific - map1
canadian pacific - motive power1
canadian pacific - okanagan - kootenay valley - british columbia - history1
canadian pacific - operating instructions2
canadian pacific - rockies - british columbia7
canadian pacific - rockies - british columbia - history7
canadian pacific - rules1
canadian pacific - selkirks - history2
canadian pacific - southern ontario1
canadian pacific - southern ontario - history2
canadian pacific - southern ontario history1
canadian pacific - the queen1
canadian pacific - travel1
canadian pacific air lines - history1
canadian pacific electriclines - grand river railway - lake erie & northern railway1
canadian pacific in southern ontario1
canadian pacific limited - history1
canadian pacific limited - maps.
railroads. canada. maps.
railroads. united states. maps.
canadian pacific railroad - syndicate1
canadian pacific railway4
canadian pacific railway - article - overview1
canadian pacific railway - chronology1
canadian pacific railway - train - locomotive
railroads. ontario.
canadian pacific railway - district passenger agent montreal1
canadian pacific railway - british columbia1
canadian pacific railway - by-laws1
canadian pacific railway - code of safety rules and safe practices1
canadian pacific railway - collectibles1
canadian pacific railway - collision - report1
canadian pacific railway - company's history - service1
canadian pacific railway - completion1
canadian pacific railway - construction1
canadian pacific railway - corrrespondence1
canadian pacific railway - dining car service3
canadian pacific railway - district passenger agent montreal2
canadian pacific railway - eastern division1
canadian pacific railway - eastern lines1
canadian pacific railway - engineeers - report1
canadian pacific railway - exploration1
canadian pacific railway - finances1
canadian pacific railway - history2
canadian pacific railway - history - addresses
canada, western. history.
dempsey, hugh aylmer,1929-
canadian pacific railway - history - great northern railway company1
canadian pacific railway - history - hotels1
canadian pacific railway - history - juvenile literature.
canadian pacific railway. history.
canada. history.
canadian pacific railway - history.1
canadian pacific railway - history.
canada. history.
klassen, georgeen.
canadian pacific railway - history.
railroads and state. canada.
canada. history. 1867-1914.
reichmann, michael.
berton, pierre,1920-2004.last spike.1974.
national dream.
canadian pacific railway - history.
railroads of america (macmillan)
canadian pacific railway - history.
railroads. canada. history.
canadian pacific railway - lists of companies1
canadian pacific railway - locomotive boiler explosion - prevention1
canadian pacific railway - management1
canadian pacific railway - new highway to the orient2
canadian pacific railway - paint diagram1
canadian pacific railway - passenger traffic department1
canadian pacific railway - passenger traffic department bulletin1
canadian pacific railway - report1
canadian pacific railway - sessional papers1
canadian pacific railway - startling facts1
canadian pacific railway - travel - maps1
canadian pacific railway - western division1
canadian pacific railway - westrern division1
canadian pacific railway -- colilsion - report1
canadian pacific railway company7
canadian pacific railway company - bibliography1
canadian pacific railway company - diesel locomotives - canada - history
diesel locomotives. canada.
hanna, david b.,1951-
canadian pacific railway company - freight and passenger equipment
railroad cars. painting. canada.
canadian pacific railway company - history8
canadian pacific railway company - history - pictorial works - british columbia - railroads1
canadian pacific railway company - history - pictorial works - canada1
canadian pacific railway company - history - posters1
canadian pacific railway company - history.
canadian pacific railway company. history. pictorial works.
canadian pacific railway company. histoire.
canadian pacific railway company. histoire. ouvrages illustrés.
railroads. canada. history. pictorial works.
chemins de fer. canada. histoire. ouvrages illustrés.
canadian pacific railway company - history.
railroads. canada, western. history.
canada, western. economic conditions.
northwest, canadian. economic conditions.
canadian pacific railway company - history.
railroads. canada. history.
canadian pacific railway company - history.
railroads. canada. passenger traffic. history.
canadian pacific railway company - poetry.2
canadian pacific railway company - posters - catalogs.
travel posters, canadian. catalogs.
jones, david l.,1953-
canadian pacific railway company - quebec - description1
canadian pacific railway company - standing committee on railways, telegraphs and harbours of the senate of canada1
canadian pacific railway company - viewpoint of the investor1
canadian pacific railway company.7
canadian pacific railway company.
canada. description and travel.
canadian pacific railway company.
canada. history.
canadian pacific, the northwest passage of today.
canadian pacific railway company.
diesel locomotives. canada.
hanna, david b.,1951-
canadian pacific railway company.
mcdonald, john alexander,sir,1815-1891.
diefenbaker, john g.,1895-1979.
canadian series of jackdaws,no. c4
canadian pacific railway company.
northwest, canadian. history.
canadian pacific railway company.
railroads. british columbia.
canadian pacific railway company.
railroads. canada. timetables.
canadian pacific railway company.
railroads. ontario.
mccartney, don.
canadian pacific railway company.
steam locomotives. canada.
williamson, archie.
canadian pacific railway company.
tourism. canada.
canadian pacific railway company
railroads. ontario.
canadian pacific railway- history
railroads and state. canada.
canada. history. 1867-1914.
canadian pacific railway.6
canadian pacific railway. history.
railroads of america (macmillan)
canadian pacific railway.
northwest, canadian. history.
railroad land grants. canada.
canadian pacific railway.
railroads and state. canada.
canada. history. 1867-1914.
canadian pacific railway.
railroads. canada. history.
canadian pacific railway.
railroads. ontario. owen sound.
canadian pacific railway.
railroads. ontario.
ontario and quebec railway.
canadian pacific railway
california. description and travel. [from old catalog]
alaska. description and travel. [from old catalog]
pacific coast. description and travel. [from old catalog]
canadian pacific railway
fleming, sandford,sir,1827-1915.
canadian pacific railway
railroads. canada. [from old catalog]
transportation. canada. [from old catalog]
canadian pacific railways - statistics1
canadian pacific railways ready-made farms1
canadian pacific raiway - history1
canadian pacific scenes - calendar1
canadian pacific services1
canadian pacific spans the world - public relations1
canadian pacific steam power - british columbia1
canadian pacific steamship ltd - history - canada1
canadian pacific steamships, limited.2
canadian pacific's - commuter service1
canadian pacific's - history1
canadian pacific's - transcontinental passenger train1
canadian pacific's montreal lakeshore1
canadian pacific, great hotel, market, competition, accounting1
canadian pacific, history1
canadian pacific-country stations-western canada1
canadian pacific-north america class i railroads1
canadian pacifique railway company - affiches - histoire1
canadian poetry - history and criticism - geography
canada. description and travel.
canadian poetry
lighthall, w. d.(william douw),1857-1954.
canadian politics1
canadian prairies, canadian pacific, canadian national1
canadian rail13
canadian rail - operating rules2
canadian rail passenger1
canadian rail passenger yearbook 19951
canadian rail passenger yearbook 1996-19971
canadian railroads - history1
canadian railway - freight and passenger equipment1
canadian railway - history2
canadian railway - montreal to vancouver1
canadian railway - society - history2
canadian railway 1850-18801
canadian railway calendar2
canadian railway companies - lenora mt. sicker2
canadian railway companies - pacific great eastern1
canadian railway companies - quebec1
canadian railway companies - stories1
canadian railway company1
canadian railway motive power1
canadian railway problem - analysis1
canadian railway problem - canada.
transportation. canada.
railroads and state. canada.
canadian railway technology: 1836-19611
canadian railway troop-world war-regimental histories-canada1
canadian railways - atlas1
canadian railways - benefit plan for employees2
canadian railways - freight and passenger equipment1
canadian railways - steam locomotive - electrification, turbines and diesels - passenger and freights cars1
canadian railways - the canadian1
canadian rockies - trails - geography1
canadian rockies - travel1
canadian settling
railroads and state. canada.
canada. history. 1867-1914.
reichmann, michael.
berton, pierre,1920-2004.last spike.1974.
national dream.
canadian steam - pictorial works1
canadian symbols - celebration1
canadian trains1
canadian west - history1
canadians, chronology, banting, bell, bernier, bourassa, carr, chapais, currie, dickins, eaton, fleming1
canadien national - histoire - chemins de fer - canada1
canadien national - ordonnance1
canadien pacific - commémoration1
canadien pacifique - histoire1
canadien pacifique aérien1
canal de lachine - essor industriel et urbain1
canals - canada - history.2
canals - canada.
canals. united states.
transportation. canada.
saint lawrence river.
canada. boundaries. united states.
united states. boundaries. canada.
canada. foreign relations. treaties.
canals - ottawa - history.1
canals - report- canada1
cancellations - post office1
candian railway - c.p.r. (***) last spike(***) centennial - (***)trans-canada ltd.(***) to expo' 86 aboard a restored luxury train - vintage scenes of cp and cn *** Erreur : un caractère (=quillemet) interdit fait partie de cette valeur. SVP corriger.1
canne à pommeau d'or - port de montréal - histoire1
canoe - history - north america - transport1
cap reton railway company ltd. : railways - history - u.s.1
cape breton island (n.s.)1
cape breton island--history - nova scotia - intercolonial railway1
capitalization - location - building and keeping up of the organization and property of railroads1
capreol yard - traffic control1
car and locomotive cyclopedia2
car and locomotive spotter1
car and train service1
car builders - the barney & smith car company1
car builders' cyclopedia8
car builders' dictionary2
car construction - statistic1
car control1
car dictionary4
car handling1
car inspectors guidebook1
car movement1
car names1
car renumbering - canadian national1
car repairs5
car service1
car term - railway - dictionary1
cardiff ships1
career opportunities1
carleton - geography1
carriage for road and rail1
cars and locomotives - illustrated book1
cars, agriculture1
cars, caboose, construction, operation1
cars, construction, transportation, units, grand trunk western1
cartography - canada - history.
canada. surveys. history.
canada. maps.
sebert, l. m.
cartography and computer graphics - canada - atlas1
cartography anf computer graphics - canada - atlas1
cartoon - railway history1
cartoons - railways1
cartoons - streetcar1
cass scenic railroad.
krause, john.
castle of quebec - history1
catalog - railway equipement - railway operation1
catalog - fixed and movable bridges - turntables - steel buildings - girders - roof trusses - transmission - towers and poles...1
catalog - locomotive1
catalog - locomotives - pieces1
catalog - merchandise - toy train1
catalog - pictorial works1
catalog - railways1
catalog - toys - description1
catalog of mechanic1
catalogue - canada's greatest store - eaton1
catalogue - canadian pacific railway - carnival1
catalogue - equipment - part1
catalogue - prices - accessories1
catalogue - railway model - engineering1
catalogue - seth thomas clock1
catalogue - tools2
catalogue - toys - locomotives - accessories1
catalogue 20061
catalogue and price-list of railway1
catalogue de transport canadien pacifique1
catalogue matériels chemin de fer1
catalogue of locomotives1
catalogue thomas robetson & co., limited.1
catalogue, dominion and linoleum. 1958-19591
cebtralized traffic control, swicht, signal1
celebration 1836-19861
celebration commemorative - railway1
centenaire - transport - montréal -1
centennial exhibition, pennsylvania railroad1
centennial tribute1
central ontario railway.
capon, alan r.,joint author.
central pacific railroad company.1
central pacific railroad company.
union pacific railroad company.
railroads. united states. history.
central station1
central station, montreal.1
central vermont - history1
central vermont railway co - pictorial works.
central vermont railway co.history.
railroads. vermont. pictorial works.
plant, jeremy f.,1945-
central vermont railway co.
railroads. new england.
central vermont railway history1
centralized traffic control - rome - florence line - italian high speed project1
chamber of commerce - calgary - history1
chamber of commerce - canada1
chambre des communes - c.n.r. - finance - comité permanent des transports et des communications1
champlain & st.lawrence r.r. co1
champlain and st-lawrence railroad - canada - railways1
champlain and st. lawrence railroad company.
railroads. québec (province)
champlain and st. lawrence railroad company.
railroads. québec (province)
mika, helma.
champlain society - canada - geography - thunder bay1
chapelon, andré.
locomotives. france. history.
chapelon, andré.
locomotives. france. history.
mechanical engineers. france. biography.
chapleau - discours - qmo&o1
charles f. kettering, bigraphy1
charlevoix - histoire1
chasse : pêche - québec1
chatman wallaceburg - lake erie - electric railway1
chattanooga railroad expedition, 18621
chattanooga railroad expedition, 1862.1
chattanooga railroad expedition, 1862. fiction.
epsstein, beryl (williams),1910- [from old catalog]. joint author.
chattanooga railroad expedition, 1862.
united states. history. civil war, 1861-1865. campaigns.
chauffeurs et mécaniciens - lampistes et gardes-barrieres - locomotives - grèves et accidents- gares et voyageurs1
chemical engineering
calcott, w. s.(william stansfield),1892-1952.
chemin de fer - histoire1
chemin de fer - canada - histoire1
chemin de fer - québec - rapport1
chemin de fer -france - biographie de marc seguin1
chemin de fer canadien pacifique - guerre1
chemin de fer de la rive nord - rapport1
chemin de fer national du canada - locomotive du continental limité, de l'intercity limité, l'océan limité1
cheminot - travailleur - charny1
cheminot- charny1
chemins de fer9
chemins de fer - bas-canada1
chemins de fer - france - sécurité2
chemins de fer - histoire1
chemins de fer - accidents - histoire - 20e siècle - catastrophes1
chemins de fer - canada - québec1
chemins de fer - canada - sécurité - mesures1
chemins de fer - canada - évolution - histoire1
chemins de fer - france2
chemins de fer - gares - terminus
dethier, jean.
centre de création industrielle.
chemins de fer - histoire1
chemins de fer - histoire - architecture ferroviaire1
chemins de fer - histoire - cartes2
chemins de fer - histoire - développement rapide1
chemins de fer - histoire - locomotive - trains de voyageurs - trains de marchandises - supestructure de la voie - signalisation1
chemins de fer - histoire- québec1
chemins de fer - histoire- québec - gare1
chemins de fer - locomotives - histoire.1
chemins de fer - québec - histoire2
chemins de fer - réglements1
chemins de fer - terminologie - transmission de données1
chemins de fer - trains - histoire - europe - canada -e.-u.1
chemins de fer - témiscouata - grand tronc - intercolonial - nouveau-brunswick - québec1
chemins de fer - voitures - histoire - europe1
chemins de fer. railways - history1
chesapeake & ohio1
chesapeake and ohio railway.
locomotives. history.
huddleston, eugene l.,1931-
staufer, alvin f.
steam and diesel locomotives of the chesapeake and ohio railway.
chicago - burlington & quincy railroad company.
locomotives. history.
kerka, william.
chicago - great western -1
chicago and north western railway company.
locomotives. pictorial works
chicago and north western railway company.
newcomen address
chicago streetcars - street railway1
chicago, aurora and elgin railway company.
aurora, elgin & fox river electric company.
street-railroads. illinois. chicago metropolitan area.
central electric railfans' association.cera bulletin. 105
chicago, bellevue, cascade, & western railway.
jacobson, jon,1943-
chicago, burlington & quincy railroad company.
locomotives. history.
diesel locomotives.
chicago, indianapolis and louisville railway company.1
chicago, milwaukee, st. paul and pacific railroad company - history - 19th century.1
chief mountain - history1
children book2
children book - railway history1
children strory1
children's book - educational - railroad story1
china - description and travel.
japan. description and travel.
chinese - canada, western - history - pictorial works1
chinese - cpr - railway worker1
chinois - canada - histoire - cpr1
chittenden, newton h.travel - british columbia.
british columbia. description and travel.
christmas stories, canadian - street-railroads - juvenile fiction.1
chronogical history - electric trolley1
chronologie - histoire - canadien pacifique1
chronology - american railroads1
churchill - baie d'hudson1
château fronteanc - hôtels- québec - cpr1
château frontenac - history1
château laurier - history2
château montebello1
cincinnati streetcars - pcc cars - open air cars -viaduct1
cincinnati, lebanon & northern railway.1
cipher and telegraph codes6
cipher and telegraph codes - bentley's complete phrase code1
cipher and telegraph codes.1
cipher and telegraph codes
kornicker, jacob s.,1873- [from old catalog]. comp.
circulars and general orders issued by the (***)board of railway commissioners for canada(***) from its inception to october, 1912 *** Erreur : un caractère (=quillemet) interdit fait partie de cette valeur. SVP corriger.1
circus - train1
circus train wreck1
circus trains - fox, charles philip
fox, charles philip,1913-. joint author.
cities and towns - planning1
cities, towns, villages with railway connection1
citizenship - canada1
city development _ suburb1
city of st. john's, newfoundland1
civil engineering - handbooks - manuals3
civil engineering - handbooks - manuals
trautwine, john c.(john cresson),1850-1924,ed.
trautwine, john c.(john cresson),1878-. joint ed.
civil engineering - history - by, john, dates - canada - biography1
civil engineering
civil engineeting - war time1
civil, mechanical, electrical, engineering, sciences, industries, telegraphic1
classic steam trains1
classification and dimensions of locomotives2
classification and dimensions of locomotives canadian pacific1
classification and dimensions of locomotives of the canadian pacific railway1
classification of operating revenues and operating expenses1
cleveland & erie railway company.1
cleveland streetcars1
cleveland streetcars - history - kenneth s.p. morse1
cleveland, southwestern & columbus railway company1
climax manufacturing company.
climax locomotives.
lumber. transportation.
casler, walter,joint author.
clock - watches1
clocks - catalogue - seth thomas1
clocks and watches.
clothes, canadians, chronology, heroes, institutions, the native look, the artic1
clyde-mallory lines - southern steamship company -1
cn - passenger services2
cn - quebec - timetable - employe1
cn - services - railways - steamships - airlines - hotels - telegraphs - express1
cn - train1
cn and cp rail motive-power 1980-19811
cn rail-england-canada-antique engines1
cn timetables2
cn tower1
cn's guilding principles - service plan - how a railroad works - history1
cn's levis division - a via rail canada experience - riding the timber train1
cnr - steam train1
cnr - structure - trestle - plans1
cnr annual report1
cnr steam operation1
cnr vancouver1
coal mines and mining - canada.
coal trade. canada.
carroll, william francis,1877-
coal problem in it's relations to the transportation and use of coal and coal substitutes by steam railroads.1
coal resources - british columbia1
coaling stations - fueling facilities - pplans1
coastal liners - canadian pacific1
coastwise navigation, boats, british columbia, alaska1
coastwise shipping - british columbia - history.
steamboat lines. british columbia. history.
cobourg to peterborough railway 1850-1860 - peter robinson's dream1
cobourg, can - history1
code numbers on interline forms1
coding instructions1
collection - guide - locomotives - rolling stock1
collection - locomotives - passenger cars - freight cars1
collective agreement12
collective agreement - canadian national railway company1
collective agreement - canadian national railway3
collective agreement - canadian pacific9
collective agreement - canadian pacific railway2
collective agreement - casnadian pacific company2
collectors' items - locomotives - trains1
collision ferroviaire - hinton1
colllective agreement - terminology1
colonies - great britain1
colonisation - québec (province)1
colonisation - québec - rapport1
colonisation, richesses naturelles, agriculture1
colonization - america1
colonization, dawson1
colonization, emigrant, cpr1
colonization, emigrant,cpr1
colonna, edward,1862-1948 - exhibitions.
decoration and ornament. art nouveau. exhibitions.
colonna, edward,1862-1948.
dayton art institute.
musée des arts décoratifs de montréal.
renwick gallery.
color section of scenic spectaculars - transcontinental map and timetable menus - engineering floor plans - interior & exterior photographs - locomotives1
colorado - narrow gauge circle - locomotives1
colorado and southern railway - history.1
colorado and southern railway - history.
narrow gauge railroads. colorado. history.
colorado rail1
columbia and kootenay railway - history1
columbia and kootenay railway - railways - history1
columbia river - history - pictoral works1
columbus, delaware and marion electric railroad.1
comic - illustrations - story1
comic strip1
cominco - story1
comité consultatif du vieux-port de montréal - synthèse d'information1
comment about train - southern1
comments on evidence - canada1
comments, organisations, compagny1
commerce - legal aspect1
commerce - montréal - histoire1
commerce - register1
commerce act - united states1
commercial geography - maps.
economic geography. maps.
commercial statistics.
commercial register - canada1
commission de transport de montréal - rapport annuel1
commission de transport de montréal - rapport annuel1
commission géologique - canada - histoire1
committees, managment, employees, equipment and supplies, freight traffic, passenger service1
commodore vanderbilt1
commonwealth of massachusetts1
communication - histoire1
communication - infrastructurs - fleuves et pélerinage régionaux1
communication and traffic - northwest territories.1
communication, emigrant1
communications, telephone, telegraph, systems1
community life.
canada. social conditions. 1945-
canada. economic conditions. 1945-
compagnie de gestion de matane - history.
steamboat lines. québec (province). matane. history.
train ferries. québec (province). matane. history.
compagnie des chemins de fer de paris à lyon et à la méditerranée - history - locomotives
locomotives. france. history.
railroads. france. history.
compagnie des wagons-lits, passenger trains, sleeper1
compagnie internationale des wagon-lits et des grands express européens.
express trains. europe.
compagnie internationale des wagons--lits et des grands express européens.
orient express (express-train)
company history - catalog - reference manual, modeling1
company reorganization1
competition between road and rail1
complete island of montreal - metro routes - bus - downtown area - montreal region - main thoroughfares1
compound - locomotives - train rules - headlight - superheaters2
compound locomotive cylinders1
compound. locomotives - train rules - headlight - superheaters1
compounds - locomotives - train rules - car lighting - car heating1
compounds - locomotives - train rules - car lighting - car heating - superheaters1
compressed air.1
compressors - refrigerating systems - pumping apparatus1
comptes - québec - commission royale1
conception de l'étude - services du corridor, transcontinentaux de l'est et de l'ouest - liaisons régionales - régions éloignées1
concepts, technology, exploitation, yard1
concord & claremont (n.h.) railroad.1
concord and manchester electric branch - boston & maine railroad1
condition de l'habitation au canada.1
conditions - principles - methods and preculiarities of the train srevice of railways1
conditions de travail - chemins de fer nationaux du canada1
conductor - canadian national railways - agreement1
conductors - examination1
conductors - instructions1
conductors - rules1
confederate states of america - army - transportation.
railroads. confederate states of america.
united states. history. civil war, 1861-1865. transportation.
confederation - political history - jubilee -1
confederation - political history - resources - economic progress...1
congrès de l'association québécoise pour le patrimoine industriel - montréal ferroviaire1
connecticut company - history.
connecticut railway & lighting co.history.
connecticut daylight1
conrad poirier (1913-1968) - photographies - exposition - montréal1
conrail - history1
conservation of photographs1
conservation, restoration, archives, preservation, storage1
conservation, restoration, books, manuscripts, archives1
consists - via rail1
consolidation line of locomotives1
constitution - railroad trainmen2
constitution and by-laws1
constitution and by-laws - firemen1
constitution and by-laws - locomotive engineers7
constitution and by-laws - oilers1
constitution and general rules - brotherhood of attendants1
construction and engineering - railway location - northern pacific railway1
construction de chemins de fer1
construction et installation des principaux types - construction des cheminées d'usine et des fourneaux de chaudières - notions générales des chiffres pratique sur la combustion, la fumivorité et la vaporisation de l'eau1
construction industry - history.
railroads. united states. design and construction.
railroads. canada. design and construction.
construction of locks1
construction, newfoundland, workers, occupations, railways, history1
construction, tubular bridge, dimensions, jubilee bridge, double track1
container - study1
contract - dominion of canada - government - canadian pacific railway company1
contract - montreal street railway - montreal1
convention 1971 - canada - roads and transportation association1
convention cadre1
convention collective - canadien pacifique1
convention collectve - chemins de fer nationaux du canada1
conventions - transactions - civil engineers1
conversion - weights - measures1
cook book15
cook book for hotels and restaurants1
cookerie manual1
cookery book1
cookery, american - railroads - united states - dining-car service1
cookery, american - railroads-united states - dining car service1
cooper, page, 1891-1958.1
coppermine - history1
corbin, daniel chase,1832-1918.
heinze, frederick augustus,1869-1914.
railroads. northwest, pacific. history.
spokane (wash.). history.
cornwall electric railway history - street railroads - ontario1
corporate history - chicago, milwaukee and st. paul railway company - american railway1
correspondance - samuel keefer1
cost of transportation - public pocket1
costing methods, rates, maintenance1
cours - manual - train marshalling - air brakes - freight car - train inspection - passenger evacuation procedure1
covered bridges - quebec1
covered hopper car1
cp - map1
cp air - history1
cp air - overview1
cp rail - centenaire1
cp rail - freight1
cp rail - high level bridge - lethbridge1
cp rail - history - railroad - canada1
cp rail - passengers1
cp rail system - east1
cp rail system - west1
cpr - engineering project1
cpr - esquimalt & nanaimo railway company - history - birish columbia - railroad - history1
cpr - history1
cpr - history - vancouver1
cpr - painting - artist1
cpr 2816 - steam locomotive - restoration1
cpr southern lines-kettle valley railway-great northern railway1
cpr stories - cpr president sir william van horne - duke mckenzie1
cpr, annual report, by-law1
cpr, annual report, map2
cpr- british columbia- vancouver history1
craft industries, approximatively from 1940 to 19601
craigellachie kid1
crawford notch1
credit valley railway.1
cross-canada - railroad1
cross-ties - specifications1
crossen, james,1826-1890.
crossen, william,1856-1927.
crosson family.
crossen, james,1826-1890.
crossen, william,1856-1927.
crossen (famille)
railroad equipment industry. ontario. cobourg. history.
railroad cars. ontario. cobourg. design and construction. history.
railroads. rolling stock. ontario. cobourg. design and construction. history.
railroad cars. canada. history.
railroads. rolling stock. canada. history.
chemins de fer. ontario. cobourg. wagons. conception et construction. histoire.
chemins de fer. ontario. cobourg. matériel roulant. conception et construction. histoire.
chemins de fer. canada. wagons. histoire.
chemins de fer. canada. matériel roulant. histoire.
cobourg (ont.). history.
cobourg (ont.). histoire.
crow nest - canadian rockies - alberta history1
crow's - alberta pool - canadian pacific railway - british columbia - alberta1
crow's nest - official documents1
crow's nest valley - turtle mountain, alberta - mining1
cruise ship waiter1
cruise ships - management1
cruise ships - travel1
crystal dish1
csx railway map - united states1
cuba - railway - history1
culvert and drainage1
cumbres and toltec scenic railroad.1
cunard, sir samuel1
curiosities - history - amusing1
curiosities and wonders - early work1
currier and ives.
lithography, american. 19th century.
cyclopaedia - philosophy - hydrostatics and pneumatics1
cyclopedia - dominion of canada1
cyclopedia railway3
cyril r. littlebury - canadian pacific railway - history - photographs of canadian railway1
dairy farmers, canada, policy, world war1
dalhousie station - history.1
danger - premiers répondants - premiers soins - transportation incident - dangerous goods - hazadous material1
danger and deficiencies of railway construction1
dangerous commodities -1
dangerous goods - handling1
daniel willard - biography1
danville - history - street car1
darlington - railway - station - story1
dayton - covington - and piqua traction company.
street-railroads. ohio.
wagner, richard m.,joint author.
decals catalog1
delaware & hudson2
delaware & hudson - locomotives1
delaware & hudson - railways1
delaware & hudson - steam locomotives1
delaware & hudson company1
delaware - lackawanna and western railroad company.1
delaware and hudson - locomotive rooster1
delaware and hudson canal company - history.
pennsylvania coal company. history.
railroads, gravity. pennsylvania. history.
wayne county historical society (pa.)
delaware and hudson company - history.
railroads. united states. history.
transportation. united states. history.
delaware and hudson company - official list2
delaware and hudson railroad corporation1
delaware and hudson railroad corporation.1
delaware and hudson railroad.1
democracy - world at war - crisis of the old order1
dempsey code - telegraph1
dental service car - c.p.r.1
denver and rio grande railroad company - pictorial works.
denver and rio grande railroad company. history.
denver and rio grande western railroad company. pictorial works.
denver and rio grande western railroad company. history.
railroads. west (u.s.). pictorial works.
denver and rio grande western railroad company
railroads. colorado. san juan county.
derails - railroads1
description - electric cars and trucks - j.g. brill company1
description and travel - fiction railway1
description and travel - railway guide - united states - canada2
description, travel - canadian pacific1
descriptive list of sleeping - observation - tourist - parlor - dining - cafe and private cars.1
desmond, j. patrick1
deux-montagnes (québec : regional municipality) - history.1
development - america - history1
development - locomotive engine -1
development of railroads, history of canadian railroads1
development of the canadian national railways1
devoted to steam & electric railway, shipping, express, telegraph & telephone interests.1
devoted to steam and electric railway, bus and marine transportation1
devoted to steam and electric railway, marine, grain elevator, express, telegraph, telephone and contractors' interests2
diagrams - locomotives - canadian national1
dickson manufacturing company
locomotives. catalogs. [from old catalog]
dictinary of personalities in canada1
dictionary - illustrations - burlington1
dictionary _ machinery1
dictionary of canadian biography3
dictionary of canadian personalities1
dictionary of directors1
dictionnaire, dictionnary, passenger train, voyage en train, travel, nourriture, cooking1
diesel - electric - motive power1
diesel - electric - trainscape - ontario2
diesel - electric motive1
diesel - railways - calgary1
diesel - steam - transition - railway1
diesel and electric locomotive1
diesel electric locomotive 1920-19601
diesel engine1
diesel engine - components1
diesel engine - kid book1
diesel engine - plan1
diesel engine catalog1
diesel engine, general motors1
diesel engine, systems, equipment, maintenance1
diesel engineering1
diesel firemen1
diesel locomotive - cpr - gtr - maine central - boston and maine1
diesel locomotive - cn2
diesel locomotive - history - america1
diesel locomotive - north america1
diesel locomotive - rosters - united states - canada - mexico2
diesel locomotive - technology - railway -1
diesel locomotive, electrical equipment1
diesel locomotives3
diesel locomotives - british columbia - history - pictorial works - canadian pacific railway - fairbanks, morse and company1
diesel locomotives - canada.
locomotives. canada.
diesel locomotives - diagrams1
diesel locomotives - history - pictorial works.
locomotives. united states. history. pictorial works.
diesel locomotives - illustrations1
diesel locomotives - plans1
diesel locomotives - st.luc shop1
diesel locomotives - united states.
railroads. dieselization.
diesel locomotives - united states.
trains & travel.
diesel locomotives-chicago, rock island and pacific railroad1
diesel locomotives-north america-history-pictorial works1
diesel locomotives.4
diesel locomotives.
carstens, harold h.,ed.
railroad model craftsman.
diesel locomotives.
diesel motor.
american technical society.
diesel locomotives.
marre, louis a.,1939-
diesel locomotives
diesel motor.
american technical society.
diesel locomtoive - development1
diesel motor1
diesel motor - handbooks - manuals, etc.
zoeller, robert alfred,1869- [from old catalog]. joint author.
diesel motor.
internal combustion engines.
marine engines.
diesel locomotives.
diesel paint scheme - canadian pacific railway1
diesel study:gp9, part 1 - designs for the times, part 2 - southern varnish dental car - switching at cobourg - north edmonton memories1
diesel studyl rs-18, part 1 - cc&f (***)em(***) coaches - cnr mill gondolas (***)courtesy & service(***) bridges - building dunblane bridge *** Erreur : un caractère (=quillemet) interdit fait partie de cette valeur. SVP corriger.1
diesel units - glass1
diesel-electric locomotive machinery1
diesel-electric locomotive, motors1
diesel-electric locomotives - maintenance1
diesel-electric, railcar, diesel locomotive, mechanical, hydraulic, brake, maintenance1
diesels - maritimes - newfoundland1
dilworth, richard mclean,1885-1
dining - railway catering1
dining car - guide1
dining car - schedule1
dining car - supplies - canadian pacific railway1
dining car service1
dining car service - canadian pacific railway11
dining car service -- canadian pacific railway2
dining car services2
dining car, menu1
dining car, menu, travel, passenger trains, united states1
diningg car history - cpr1
dioramas - building1
directive - guide - canada -transport - commission - passenger - service1
directory - industries - illinois - united states1
directory - railway official - street railway company3
directory - railway official - street railway company - advertisement1
directory - world - electric lines1
directory of municipal, provincial, and federal governments1
directory railroad railway poor 18941
directory railroad railway poor 18951
disasters - canada.1
disasters - united states.
jackson, barbara gelman,1945-. joint author.
disc brake - locomotive1
disciplinary and moral questions - fiscal methods1
discipline industrielle - le système (***)brown(***) *** Erreur : un caractère (=quillemet) interdit fait partie de cette valeur. SVP corriger.1
discovery, french regime, governor, the churches, chief justices, patterson's commission1
distribution of property1
district line - history
london transport board.
dock accomodation - quebec1
doctor jacob edwin brouse's biography1
dodds, isaac,1801-1882.
dodds, thomas weatherburn,1826-1899.
railroads. great britain. history.
dominco limited - construction1
dominion - geography1
dominion atlantic - quebec central - grand river - station1
dominion atlantic - quebec central - grand river ...1
dominion atlantic railway - history2
dominion atlantic railway - recollection - wolfville1
dominion atlantic railway - transportation - nova scotia railways - history1
dominion atlantic railway -- history -- pictorial works.1
dominion atlantic railway. history.
railroads. nova scotia. history.
dominion bridge - amca international - history - job abbott1
dominion commercial travellers' association.
canada. commerce.
canada. biography.
dominion illustrated - a canadian pictorial weekly7
dominion of canada - annual register1
dominion of canada - british railway1
dominion of canada - confederation - historical sketch1
dominion of canada - production transportation - evolution1
don cpr 20152
donald gordon, histoire du canadien national1
doodlebugs, operations, the challenger, local trains, commuter train, mail train, algoma central, polar bear, fan trips1
dorchester - c.p. - c.n. - musée ferroviaire canadien -1
dorion - quebec - cidma, inc.1
draisines - manoeuvres1
drawing - tables and formulas
railroads. cars.
droit - maximes - canada6
dufferin and ava, frederick temple blackwood,marquis of,1826-1902.
british columbia. description and travel.
west (u.s.). description and travel.
duluth, winnipeg & pacific - illustrated book1
duncan du fresne - memories1
dunn, james hamet,sir, bart.,1874-1956.1
duties and responsabilities of engineers and firemen1
dynamos and motors - electric lighting - electric railways1
déclarartion de sécurité - canadien pacifique1
développement des moyens de transport1
e & n railway - history.1
e.p. ranch, pekisko, alberta - windsor, edward, duke of, 1894-1972 - ranch life - history1
early railways1
east broad top railroad and coal company.
mannix, joseph a.
east shore and suburban railway company.1
east tennessee and western north carolina railroad.
railroads. great smoky mountains (n.c. and tenn.)
east tennessee and western north carolina railroad.
railroads. great smoky mountains (n.c. and tenn.)
black, elizabeth mcdonald,joint author.
eastern car company1
eastern new york utilities corporation.
railroads, local and light. new york (state). history.
eastern quebec - maritime provinces1
eastern quebec - maritime provinces - travel1
eaton (t.) company, ltd.1
economic - dominion of canada - canadian pacific railway1
economic handbook - economic of transport1
economic laws governing rates - railway rates - governmental control1
economical purchase - care and use of material - fiscal affairs - expenditures1
economics - transportation1
economics - transportation - railroads - united states1
canada. economic conditions. [from old catalog]
economy model - prairies - analysis1
economy - air lines - rates - aeronautics - commercial - freight - atlantic province1
economy - atlantic province - transportation - framework1
economy - atlantic provinces - legislation - public policy1
economy - atlantic provinces - mainland - newfoundland - service - transportation1
economy - atlantic provinces - mainland - newfounland - services - transportation1
economy - atlantic provinces - new brunswick -transportation1
economy - atlantic provinces - newfoundland - transportation1
economy - atlantic provinces - nova scotia - transportation -1
economy - atlantic provinces - ports - halifax - saint john1
economy - atlantic provinces - prince edward island - transportation1
economy - industry policies - government1
economy - standard - general motors locomotives - diesel-electric -1
economy - subsidies - analysis1
economy - transportation industry1
economy -atlantic provinces - summary1
economy- buisness1
eddy company1
edmonton - agencies and organizations2
edmonton - description1
edmonton - heritage1
edmonton - railways1
edmonton history _ gold rush1
edmonton interurban railway company - street railroads - alberta - history1
edmonton, yukon and pacific railway1
education - steam locomotives - wagons and carraiges1
education - steam locomotives - wagons and carriages1
educational - railroad - supervision1
educational coloring book for children - locomotives1
edward & w.s. maxwell realisations - history.1
edward vii, king of great britain, 1841-1910 - travel - canada - visits of state - canada - 18601
edward. vii,king of great britain,1841-1910.
canada. description and travel.
edward. vii,king of great britain,1841-1910
canada. description and travel.
effective use of freight cars - freight business and fiscal affairs1
egineer's estimates of railroad building1
eight wheel type -passenger locomotives - american locomotive company - new york - builders - service1
elasticity in transport - analysis1
election of fellows - fund - british east africa1
electric - railway snow plows1
electric car1
electric car -1
electric car - history - seashore - museum1
electric car and trucks - descriptions1
electric cars - street cars - boston1
electric conduit railways - latest development1
electric engineering - cyclopedia
american technical society.
electric engineering - handbooks - manuals2
electric engineering - handbooks - manuals, etc.2
electric engineering - handbooks - manuals, etc.
handy book of practical electricity.
electric engineering - handbooks, manuals, etc.1
electric engineering.2
electric engineering.
american school of correspondence, chicago. [from old catalog]
electric industries - québec (province) - montréal.
montréal (québec). description and travel.
international electrical congress. (1904 :. st. louis)
electric instruction1
electric locomotive - great northern photo1
electric locomotives2
electric locomotives - history.1
electric locomotives - history.
history of the electric locomotive.
electric locomotives.
electric railroads.
locomotives. models.
electric machinery - design and construction.1
electric motor and trailer trucks1
electric motors - amateurs' manuals.1
electric motors.
wetzler, joseph,b. 1863,joint author.
electric power-plants.1
electric railroads - canada - history1
electric railroads - cars - catalogs.1
electric railroads - cars.3
electric railroads - cars.
winkowski, fred.
electric railroads - equipment and supplies.
electric railway journal.
electric railroads - motormen's manuals.1
electric railroads - museums.
association of railway museums.
electric railroads - ontario1
electric railroads - ontario - grand river valley history - street railroads
railroads. ontario. history.
upper canada railway society.
ontario electric railway historical association.
electric railroads - street cars - interurbans - history - illustrations
davies, owen,comp.
electric railroads - tramways1
electric railroads.3
electric railroads.
bell, louis,1864-1923,joint author.
electric railroads.
diesel locomotives.
electric railroads.
electric locomotives.
electric railroads.
greenough, william c.(william charles),b. 1887,joint author.
electric railroads.
hausmann, erich,1886-. joint author.
electric railroads.
jackson, walter,1882-. joint author.
electric railroads.
kennelly, arthur e.(arthur edwin),1861-1939,joint author.
electric railroads.
nouvion, fernand.
woimant, jean.
electric railroads.
trevert, edward,1858-1904.
electric railroads
american electric railway association
electric railroads
american electric railway association. [from old catalog]
electric railroads
electric automobiles.
electric railroads
ewing, dressel d.(dressel dewitt),b. 1883.
electric railway10
electric railway - cassier's magazine2
electric railway - construction1
electric railway - history1
electric railway - kingston portsmouth & cataraqui1
electric railway - passenger service - brill - unit car - transportation1
electric railway cars & trucs1
electric railway economics - preliminary engineering1
electric railway equipment - statistics1
electric railway magazine1
electric railway products, streetcar1
electric railway services - toronto transportation commission2
electric railway statistics1
electric railway, ontario1
electric railways5
electric railways - canada1
electric railways - canada - statistics3
electric railways - electric railways - current supply - substations - electric transformers1
electric railways - history - railway museums - assocaition1
electric railways - history - railway museums - assocaitions2
electric railways - history - railway museums - association1
electric railways - history - railway museums - associations1
electric railways - history - railway museums - railways - association1
electric railways - interior wiring1
electric railways - the telegraph - the telephone - the wireless telegraph2
electric station, shawinigan, montreal, ottawa valley, saguenay river1
electric system of lighting - cooling - heating for railway carriages1
electric traction - oshawa line - fidalgo city and anacortes electric railway - the great third rail wreck of 19221
electric traction quarterly1
electric wiring - charts - diagrams, etc.1
electric, gas-electric, turbine-electric & early diesel-electric, units, locomotive1
electrical conductors1
electrical distribution1
electrical engineering1
electrical equipment1
electrical operation - new york - new haven - hartford1
electrical railroading1
electrical railways - history - railway museums - association1
electrical workers1
electricity - dictionaries.
electric engineering. dictionaries.
electricity - engineering - mechanics - education1
electricity - heat and steam - boilers1
electricity - history
electric engineering. history. [from old catalog]
electricians. [from old catalog]
coles, stephen leidy,1868- [from old catalog]. joint ed.
electricity and railway1
electricity-auxiliary equipment-power plant1
electricity-practical applications of heat-heat phenomena-fundamental principles-practical2
electricity-steam boilers-principles1
electricity-steam engines-operation-care-repair-mechanical energy1
electricity-steam turbine-power plant practice-economical operation1
electricity. history.
automobiles. electric equipment.
richardson, ralph a.
electrification - québec (province) - history.
electric utilities. québec (province). history.
hydro-québec. history.
bolduc, andré,joint author.
larouche, daniel,joint author.
electrification - timetables1
electrification of railways1
electrified street railway - history - alabama1
elements of trackwork the section foreman and his work1
elesco - superheater - story -1
elevation - canada1
elizabeth. ii,queen of great britain,1926 - travel - canada.
philip,prince, consort of elizabeth ii, queen of great britain,1921-
visits of state. canada.
royal tour of canada, 1959.
ellet, charles,1810-1862.
roebling, john augustus,1806-1869.
engineers. united states. biography.
emd locomotives - general electric - mlw - alco - air brake - operation - trouble1
emigration - handbook - canada1
emigration - immigration - economic history - population1
emigration - nova scotia1
emigration, colony1
emploi - canadien national1
emplois ferroviaire1
employee labour relations1
employment - royal commission - cpr1
empress of ireland1
empress hotel1
empress of britain1
empress of ireland1
empress of ireland - accident - steamship - cpr1
empress of ireland - naufrage - histoire1
empress of ireland - story1
empress of ireland, steamship, shipwrecks, quebec, saint lawrence river estuary1
empress of ireland. a century beneath the seaway1
encyclopedia - locomotives.2
encyclopédie - transports - chemins de fer.1
engine - mechanic2
engine - principles - model1
engine assembly - heisler locomotive - live steam magazine1
engine failures and the motive power department1
engine house - toronto1
engine houses - description - canada1
engine terminal facilities1
engineeers - code of ethics1
engineer - encyclopedia - machinery -1
engineer - firemen - index1
engineer's encyclopedia1
engineer's handbook1
engineer, car builder, grand trunk railway, advertisement, alco1
engineering - canada - history.
engineers. canada.
national museum of science and technology (canada)
engineering centennial board (canada)
professional engineering in canada, 1887-1987.
engineering - catalogue - locomotive models and pieces1
engineering - great britain - history.2
engineering - handbook1
engineering - history - energy - design - transport - manufacturing...
engineering. great britain.
engineering. history.
engineering. great britain. history.
mortimer, john,1934-
taphouse, ralph.
beatson, cedric.
engineering - journal - canada1
engineering - locomotives1
engineering - mechanics - electricity - education1
engineering - periodicals1
engineering - pocket book1
engineering - railways1
engineering - rules2
engineering and electricity1
engineering bulletin1
engineering drawing1
engineering drawing - education1
engineering hobby - history1
engineering journal - canadian electrical news - toronto - montreal1
engineering manual - railway operating1
engineering works1
engineering works in canada1
engineering, mecanic, machine, illinois1
institution of electrical engineers.
graham clark lectures.
engineers - history.1
engineers, constructors, manufacturers1
enginemen - constitution2
enginemen - mechanical examinations1
enginemen examination - cp rail1
england - canada - history - westminster1
england - description and travel1
english electric company limited.
siemens brothers and company limited, woolwich, eng.
dick kerr and company limited.
electric railroads. history.
english language1
english wit and humor - pictorial.1
enquire - report - senate of canada - railway1
enquire - report - senate of canada - railway -1
enquire - report - senate of canada - railways2
enquête - chemin de fer q.m. o. & o. - commission royale2
equipement - safety car -1
equipment - interurbans - cars1
equipment - railway5
equipment - railway.1
equipment - railways - compilation8
equitable pricing policy - method - rate1
erie - railroad - history1
erie canal, canal history1
erie railroad - history1
esquimalt and nanaimo railway company.
railroads. british columbia. vancouver island.
esquimalt and nanaimo railway.
esquimalt and nanaimo railway
esquimalt & nanaimo railway
europe - north america - route1
european - canadian - australian and american railways performances1
evanston - railway1
evolution of railway terminal1
evolution of steam locomotive (1803 to 1898).1
evolution of the hand car1
evolution of transportation - international - primitive associations and means of carriage1
evolution transport - quebec - histoire1
examination for trainemen - canadian pacific railway2
examination questions and answers1
excursion - canada - canadian pacific - grand trunk pacific - national transcontinental railways1
excursion - montreal and ottawa1
excursion new york and canada railroad1
excursions - western peninsula of ontario - manitoulin island1
executive's reading guide - buisness1
exhibition description1
exhibition, railway appliance, advertisement, chicago1
exp 67 - map1
expenditures - classification1
expenditures for road and equipment of electric railways1
exploitation - cn1
exploitation - instructions1
exploitation ferroviaire - f1
exploitation system - canadian national railways1
exploration report - james bay1
exploration report - st. john lake1
exploration, eskimo, india, british columbia1
exploration, red river, riel, louis, hudson bay1
exploration, saskatchewan, rockies mountains, prairies1
explorations - canadian pacific railway1
explosives material1
express trains - great britain.
railroads. great britain.
express trains - great britain.
semmens, p. w. b.(peter william brett)
perren, b.
porter, w. a.
express trains - united states - streamline
welsh, joe.
express trains - united states.1
express trains - united states.
welsh, joe.
express trains.3
express trains.
railroad trains. speed.
farrer, thomas cecil farrer,baron,1859-1940, [from old catalog]. joint author.
express trains.
whitehouse, p. b.(patrick bruce)
fabrication and erection of the superstructure of the montreal-south shore bridge1
fact about railroading1
failures of locomotive parts1
fair, columbian exposition1
fairbanks - morse and company.
diesel locomotives. united states.
diesel locomotives. canada.
diesel locomotives. mexico.
fairbanks-morse pumping plants1
fairmount park transit company - philadelphia1
family cook book1
family life - fiction.
brothers and sisters. fiction.
railroads. fiction.
country life. england. fiction.
england. fiction.
dryhurst, dinah,ill.
fares - tarifs - hours - heures de départ - canada1
farthwest - history1
fccfa - constitution1
femmes -- québec - histoire1
ferries - maritime provinces - history
coastwise shipping. maritime provinces. history.
ferry command - history1
fiction - conquest story1
fiction - railway1
fiction for children interested in a career in railways1
fiction railway - story1
fifty years of western 1877-19271
filed manual1
film - cinema1
finance - canadian pacific railway company1
finance, railways, canada1
finances - statistique d'exploitation - perspective historique - canada - transport ferroviaire1
financial review - statements and notes1
financial statements - canadian northern railway system - grand trunk pacific railway1
financing - construction and maintaining of railway1
fine art - montreal museum1
fire prevention1
fire protection2
firemen - constitution2
first aid2
first canada railway1
fiscal affairs1
fiscal affairs - paying railway employes - treasurer's office - condition of the work1
fiscal affairs of railroads at their head-quarters, and including incidentally the government of the treasurer's office1
fiscal duties and employes - actual needs1
fisher, larry - railroad in art1
fisher, ralph e.,1920-
boston and maine railroad.
fisheries - newfoundland and labrador.
newfoundland and labrador. description and travel.
fishing - saint lawrence river.
folklore. saint lawrence river.
saint lawrence river. description and travel.
saguenay river (québec). description and travel.
woods, nicholas augustus. [from old catalog]
le moine, james mcpherson,sir,1825-1912. [from old catalog]
cary, g. t., [from old catalog]. comp.
fixtures - sleepers -1
flatware, dining car, silver1
fleming, sandford1
fleming, sandford, sir, 1827-1915 - history - systems and standards.1
fleming, sandford,sir,1827-1915.1
fleming, sandford,sir,1827-1915.
canadian pacific railway company. history.
railroad engineers. canada. biography.
fleming, sandford,sir,1827-1915.
canadian pacific railway. [from old catalog]
overland journeys to the pacific.
canada. description and travel.
fleming, sandford,sir,1827-1915.
canadian pacific railway.
overland journeys to the pacific.
canada. description and travel.
fleming, sandford,sir,1827-1915.
fleming, sandford,sir,1827-1915.
osler, andrew,joint author.
mccoy, edward,joint author.
fleming, sandford,sir,1827-1915.
railroads. canada.
florida - history - periodicals.
historical association of southern florida.
university of miami.
jay i. kislak reference collection (library of congress). dlc
flushing (mich.) - social life and customs.1
food - dictionary - index1
food - cooking4
food - cooking - recipes1
food - diet1
food - dining service1
food - hosting1
food - service1
food handling1
food industry, industries, markets
far from cibola.
common heart.
food products1
food products - law1
food- cooking1
forest products - canada1
forestry - british columbia1
forestry - canada3
forests and forestry - economic aspects - united states.
railroads. united states.
forest conservation. united states.
forman, james r. - railroads - political aspects - nova scotia - history1
formation des trains - via rail1
fort churchill - army - canada1
forth bridge (south queensferry, scotland : railroad bridge) - history.
maclean, charles.
scott, simon.
forty-seventh congress - congressional directory1
fossmill (ont.)--history - lumbering
atkins, rebecca,1911-2000. childhood and youth.
canadian national railways. history. 20th century. juvenile literature.
canadian national railways. history. 20th century.
brent (ont.). social life and customs. 20th century. juvenile literature.
brent (ont.). biography. juvenile literature.
algonquin provincial park (ont.). biography. juvenile literature.
brent (ont.). social life and customs. 20th century.
algonquin provincial park (ont.)
mackey, paul,1954-
mackey, doug,1930-
foundation brake rigging - air-signal system - u c passenger-car brake equipment - p c passenger brake equipment - p m and l. n passenger brake equipment - type k freight triple valve - train control1
franklin, benjamin,1706-1790.
edwards, jonathan,1703-1758.
fulton, robert,1765-1796.
rittenhouse, david,1732-1793.
whitney, eli,1765-1825.
marshall, john,1755-1835.
fraser canyon1
fraternité - union1
freight - locomotive & passenger car repair shops - new car shops - railroad contractors - clean-up companies for oil & hazardous materials1
freight - railway transportation1
freight car - canadian pacific1
freight car,1
freight cars1
freight cars - technical plans2
freight cars - united states - history.1
freight rate making1
freight rates1
freight rates - transportation policy - evolution of policy1
freight services - canadian pacific railway1
freight traffic - map1
freight traffic and statistics of railroads - traffic regulations and fiscal methods1
freight train - collision - report2
freight train - derailment - report1
freight transport1
freight transportation - analysis1
freight, locomotive & passenger car repair shops - new car shops - freight car parts rebuilders - railroad contractors - haz-mat clean up company1
freinage - consignes1
freins à air - inspection2
french engineering drawings1
french language1
from railway shops to battle zones - fighting men and useful women go to their posts by train1
frontier and pioneer life - alberta
alberta. description and travel. [from old catalog]
frontier and pioneer life - british columbia - fraser river region.
fraser river region (b.c.). history.
frontier and pioneer life - ontario.
ontario. history.
frontier and pioneer life - united states1
frontier college - history1
frontier guide - railways1
frontier guide - roger pass1
fuel - economic problem - canada
coal. canada.
coal trade. canada.
fuel conservation2
fuel economy1
fuel oil - locomotives2
fulford, william.
gliddon, william.
british. québec (province)
québec (province). description and travel.
giffard, ann.
fulford, william.
gliddon, william.
national maritime museum (great britain)
fullbright, wade hampton - travel - fiction.
tramps. fiction.
railroad travel. fiction.
biographical fiction, american.
united states. social life and customs. fiction.
henry, o.,1862-1910.whistling dick's christmas stocking.
fur trade - alberta - athabasca river region - history.
athabasca river region. history.
fushimi, prince1
g-r-s car retarder system2
galt, a. t.(alexander tilloch),sir,1817-1893.
canada. politics and government. 1841-1867.
canada. politics and government. 1867-
galt, a.t. (alexander tilloch), sir, 1817-1893 - galt family - cnada, western - history1
galt, john,1779-1839.
galt, a. t.(alexander tilloch),sir,1817-1893.
galt, elliott torrance,1850-1928.
canada company, london.
novelists, scottish. 19th century. biography.
canada. description and travel.
gananoque - transport by train, road and water1
gardening canada - history - 20th century.
gardens canada history 20th century.
horticulture canada history 20th century.
gardening - canada - history - 20th century.
gardens. canada. history. 20th century.
horticulture. canada. history. 20th century.
gardening - canada - history.
gardens. canada. history.
gardens, railway station, prairie proviinces, canadian pacific railway, saskatchewan history1
gardern-denver company1
gare - acton vale - société de la gare d'acton vale - c.n.r.1
gare - architecture1
gare jean-talon - étude architecturale1
gare jean-talon.1
gare windsor - montréal1
gares - laurentides - inventaire - canadien pacifique1
gas turbine electric locomotive : alco1
gatieau - quebec1
geared locomotives1
hawkins, john isaac,tr.
general electric - railroad progress - 1880-1969 - almanac1
general electric company - history.
general electric company. pictorial works.
elfun society.algonquin chapter.
general electric company.
diesel locomotives. united states.
general information concerning private car service, special car service and special train service1
general instructions - cn rail1
general instructions - cp rails1
general instructions - intercolonial1
general instructions - trains3
general instructions - trains governing1
general instructions - via rail1
general motors - diesel locomotive1
general motors corp - diesel locomotives - history - railways - pictorial works1
general motors corporation - electro-motive division.1
general motors corporation - electro-motive division.
diesel locomotives. united states. pictorial works.
general motors corporation.1
general motors corporation.
diesel locomotives. united states.
diesel locomotives. canada.
general motors corporation.
diesel locomotives. united states.
diesel locomotives. canada.
diesel locomotives. north america.
general operating rules2
general rules of the ladies' auxiliary1
geodetic survey of canada1
geographical - historical - statistical - educational1
geographical names - prince edward island1
geography - canada1
geography of canada1
geological excursions - ontario1
geological excursions - townships - quebec1
geological survey - northwest territories1
geology - north america1
geometry - descriptive1
georgain bay - guide1
george mortimer pullman 1831-1897, sleeping car1
george. v,king of great britain,1865-1936 - dominion of canada
canada. description and travel.
george. vi,king of great britain,1895-1952.
elizabeth,queen, consort of george vi, king of great britain,1900-2002.
canada. description and travel.
canadian national railways. [from old catalog]
canadian pacific railway. [from old catalog]
george. vi,king of great britain,1895-1952.
elizabeth,queen, consort of george vi, king of great britain,1900-2002.
united states. description and travel.
delaware and hudson railroad. [from old catalog]
new york central railroad company. [from old catalog]
new york, new haven and hartford railroad company. [from old catalog]
pennsylvania railroad company. [from old catalog]
georgia power company1
german railways - the overall report1
gestion du transport - habitudes de transport1
gettysburg - train1
ghosts - united states.
legends. united states.
railroads. united states. miscellanea.
gilpin tram1
glacier national -glacier house - nakimu caves - park - british columbia1
glacier national park1
glass - history1
glass - technique1
glendale and montrose railway.
electric railroads. cars.
walker, james,jr.,joint author.
glossary, soil mechanics, dictionaries1
go transit - annual report1
gold rush : white pass and yukon route1
gold rush steamers1
golden spike centennial1
gooch, emily-(burder),lady, ed.1
gordon lightfoot - songs1
gordon, donald,1901-1969.
capitalists and financiers. canada. biography.
government - ontario transit - urban transportation1
government ownership - great britain.
industrial policy. great britain.
industrial management. great britain.
chester, theodore edward,joint author.
government publications - canada - bibliography.
governmental investigations. canada. bibliography.
government, railroad law.1
governor general of canada house1
grade improvement - rogers1
gradual improvements made in railway engine between 1803 and 18961
graham, john r.,1847-1915.
bangor hydro-electric company.
grain act - canada1
grain elevators - prairie provinces - pictorial works.
landscape photography. prarie provinces.
grain industries, transportation, great lakes, grain culture, impact of railroads1
grain train - history - design - construction - elevator1
grain transportation - highway transport - intra-city transportation - air cargo - pipeline - canada1
grain transportation, grain producers, rates, economic effects1
grand central2
grand central terminal1
grand hotels, jasper park, rockies mountains3
grand hotels, travel, activities, jasper national park, tourism1
grand junction railway1
grand trunk railway system - freight terminal1
grand trunk - accounting1
grand trunk - history1
grand trunk - new england lines - history - railroad accidents1
grand trunk arbitration - canada1
grand trunk corporation annual report1
grand trunk corporation, railroad stories
canadian national railways.
railroads. united states.
grand trunk heritage - new england1
grand trunk junction1
grand trunk pacific - act of incorporation1
grand trunk pacific - debates house1
grand trunk pacific - history1
grand trunk pacific - senate debates1
grand trunk pacific - the senate debates4
grand trunk pacific railway1
grand trunk pacific railway company - specifications and contract - notice to contractors - instructions to bidders - form of tender - specifications - form of contract2
grand trunk pacific railway company - statement1
grand trunk pacific railway company - statutes and agreements1
grand trunk pacific railway company.
pacific railroads.
railroad engineering.
grand trunk railway2
grand trunk railway - history - bonaventure station, montreal1
grand trunk railway - legislative assembly1
grand trunk railway - rules1
grand trunk railway - statistics2
grand trunk railway - structures1
grand trunk railway and connections - scenery1
grand trunk railway company - condition - management1
grand trunk railway company of canada7
grand trunk railway company of canada - northern railway company of canada - hamilton and north western railway company - report - statements of accounts1
grand trunk railway company of canada - report4
grand trunk railway company of canada - report - statements of accounts1
grand trunk railway company of canada - report of statements of accounts29
grand trunk railway company of canada - report of the directors to the proprietors1
grand trunk railway company of canada - report on statements of accounts1
grand trunk railway company of canada
railroads. canada. [from old catalog]
grand trunk railway in montreal - st.charles shops1
grand trunk railway of canada - connecting lines1
grand trunk railway of canada - construction1
grand trunk railway of canada - sketch for the celebration of the opening1
grand trunk railway system1
grand trunk railway system - bridges - buidings - water stations - fuel stations - track structures1
grand trunk railway system - disbursement accounts1
grand trunk railway system - locomotive stock1
grand trunk railway system - mechanical drawings1
grand trunk railway system - orders of the railway committee1
grand trunk railway system - rules and regulations1
grand trunk railway system - statistics1
grand trunk railway system - summer routes - principal points - travel1
grand trunk railway system - victoria bridge - montreal - history1
grand trunk railway system - waterloo - history1
grand trunk railway, american railroad1
grand trunk railway, fares, tourism, guidebook1
grand trunk railway, station, history1
grand trunk system - ontario - quebec - royal highness the prince of wales1
grand trunk system - provinces of ontario and quebec - time table1
grand trunk western1
grand trunk western power1
grand trunk western railroad company - history - pictorial works.
railroads. michigan. history. pictorial works.
gulash, emery,1918-
goodrick, sanford.
grand trunk western railroad.1
grand trunk western railroad.
locomotives. united states.
grand trunk-new england lines - history.
railroads. new england. history.
grand-tronc-pacifique - histoire1
grand-tronciade - poëme1
grande loge - cheminots1
grande loge - chemonots1
grank trunk railway - history - bonaventure station, montreal1
grant trunk - report1
grea lakes - cargos1
great britain - description and travel - guidebooks1
great britain - guidebooks.
london and north-western railway. [from old catalog]
great britain - guidebooks.
muirhead, james f.(james fullarton),1853-1934.
great britain - railway services - london and north eastern railway - history1
great british railways - miniature railway - collection1
great exhibition. (1851 :. london, england)
yapp, george wagstaffe,1811-1880,comp.
ellis, robert,f. l. s.,ed.
great britain.commissioners for the exhibition of 1851.
great lakes - illustrated book1
great lakes - navigation1
great lakes - shipping1
great lakes - ships1
great lakes region (north america) - guidebooks.1
great northern - northern pacific railways - canada1
great northern railway (great britain)
locomotives. history.
great northern railway (great britain)
locomotives. history.
boddy, maurice g.,joint author.
great northern railway (u.s.) - history.
hidy, ralph willard,1905-
great northern railway company1
great northern railway company (u.s.)
railroads. united states. pictorial works.
great northern railway-operations-burlington norther railroad-british columbia-kootenay region1
great railroad & steamship jubilee. (1851 :. boston, mass.)
railroads. united states. history. [from old catalog]
boston. commerce. [from old catalog]
american culture series,63:1. [from old catalog]
great railroads - vanderbilt lines - pennsylvania system - harriman lines - etc.1
great western1
great western - railways - gauge system1
great western railroad (great britain) - employees.
railroads. employees.
railroads. great britain. employees.
great western railway - report of commissioners - series of accidents1
great western railway co.1
great western railway guide1
great western railway of canada - report - statements of accounts2
great western railway of canada - report of the directors - hamilton1
great-west - development - canadian pacific1
green mountain railroad1
grenville county - history1
gresley, nigel,sir,1876-1941.1
gresley, nigel,sir,1876-1941.
stanier, william arthur,sir,1876-1965.
locomotive engineers. great britain. biography.
jenkinson, d.,joint author.
greta lakes - navigation1
grey and bruce railway1
group of seven - art2
growth - evolution and needs of the service - duties and responsabilities of carriers1
grues, pelles, chargeuses1
grève de 19101
guelph (ont.) - history - periodicals.
guelph (ont.). biography. periodicals.
guelph, (ont.). biographies. périodiques.
guelph, (ont.). histoire. périodiques.
guelph historical society.
guelph (ont.) - pictorial works.
guelph (ont.). social life and customs. pictorial works.
guide - manuel - maintenance - electricité -1
guide - manuel - maintenance - vapeur - chauffe-eau1
guide - traction - model - prototype - equipement plans - model pikes1
guide - box prices - photographs - all collectible variations1
guide - equipment - register - united states - canada - mexico2
guide - history - montreal businesses1
guide - history of montreal - dominion - development of the city1
guide - lexique - diesel - électrique - locomotive1
guide - manueal - maintenance - électricité - turbo train - système de propulsion1
guide - manuel - dessins1
guide - manuel - instruction - superviseur - cnr1
guide - manuel - liste - locomotive1
guide - manuel - maintenance1
guide - manuel - maintenance -2
guide - manuel - maintenance - refrigeration -1
guide - manuel - maintenance - électricité - régulateur1
guide - manuel - maintenance - diesel -1
guide - manuel - maintenance - diesel - electricité1
guide - manuel - maintenance - diesel - locomotive1
guide - manuel - maintenance - electiricité - locomotive1
guide - manuel - maintenance - electricité - diesel - gm1
guide - manuel - maintenance - electricité - diesel - locomotive2
guide - manuel - maintenance - electricité - diesel- locomotive1
guide - manuel - maintenance - electricité - systeme de contrôle1
guide - manuel - maintenance - electricité - turbo -1
guide - manuel - maintenance - htr - huntron -1
guide - manuel - maintenance - refrigération - électircité1
guide - manuel - maintenance - règlement -1
guide - manuel - maintenance - systeme d'inclinaison1
guide - manuel - maintenance - turbotrain - air conditionné1
guide - manuel - maintenance - turbotrain - frein1
guide - manuel - maintenance - turbotrain - électricité1
guide - manuel - maintenance - vapeur - chauffe-eau1
guide - manuel - maintenance - vapeur - chauffe-eau -1
guide - manuel - maintenance - électricité12
guide - manuel - maintenance - électricité -4
guide - manuel - maintenance - électricité - air climatisé - systeme de freinage à air1
guide - manuel - maintenance - électricité - diesel - locmotive2
guide - manuel - maintenance - électricité - diesel - locomotive -2
guide - manuel - maintenance - électricité - turbo train - système de conduite1
guide - manuel - maintenance - électricité - turbotrain - système de suspension1
guide - manuel - maintenance - électricité - vapeur -1
guide - manuel - maintenance - électricité -trouble1
guide - manuel - maintenance -turbotrain - électricité1
guide - manuel - règlement1
guide - manuel - règlements1
guide - manuel - st-laurent -1
guide - manuel - travail - étranger - acdi1
guide - manuel - électricité1
guide - manuel - électricité - locomotive1
guide - manuel - électricité - semi-conductivité - micro circuit -1
guide - manuel -maintenance - eelctricité1
guide - manuel -maintenance - electricité -1
guide - manuel -maintenance - électricité1
guide - manuel -maintenance - électricité - turbo train -1
guide - map - travelling1
guide - railway - railway timetables - index1
guide - railways - steam navigation - lines - united states - puerto rico - canada - mexico - cuba1
guide - railways - steam navigation - united states - canada - porto rico - mexico - cuba1
guide - time-tables - steam navigation - united states - puerto rico - canada - mexico - cuba - central america1
guide - time-tables - steam navigation - united states - puerto rico - canada - mexico - cuba - central america2
guide - time-tables - united states - canada - mexico -1
guide - time-tables - united states - canada - puerto rico - mexico - ccuba - central america1
guide - trains - catalog1
guide - travel1
guide and tour - ottawa1
guide book1
guide book - canada - travel1
guide book - dominion book - canada1
guide book - railway1
guide book including p.e.i, cape breton island, nova scotia - railways1
guide book railway - national way1
guide de voyage - itinéraire et horaire de transport1
guide du secouriste1
guide du touriste - canada - quebec - ontario1
guide of travel - eastern states - canada1
guide to tourist railroads and museums1
guide, newfoundland, labrador, tourist1
guide, quebec1
guide,canada development, gtr1
guide- manuel - maintenance - electricité1
guide- manuel - maintenance - turbotrain - système électrique1
guide-railway heritage-equipment1
guidebook, advertisement, map2
guidebook, american railway, timetable, advertisement1
guidebook, boston & maine railroad1
guidebook, map, timetable1
guidebook, maps, newfoundland, st lawrence region, montreal1
guidebook, new england,map1
guidebook, new-york and erie railroad, map1
guidebook, steamboat, timetable, advertisement2
guidebook, timetable, advertisement, steamship1
gulf, mobile and ohio railroad company.1
guterman, norbert,1900-. tr. railway - fiction1
gzowski, casimir stanislas,sir,1813-1898.
greening, william edward,1913-. joint author.
géographie, histoire et définition d'une identité régionale: le cas de l'outaouais. les cageux, ces voyageurs intrépides du xixe siècle. le mausolée du cimetière de la côte-des-neiges1
hackworth, timothy,1786-1850.
locomotives. history.
railroads. history.
locomotive engineers. great britain. biography.
shildon (***)stockton and darlington railway(***) jubilee committee. *** Erreur : un caractère (=quillemet) interdit fait partie de cette valeur. SVP corriger.
hagenbeck-wallace circus.
railroad accidents. indiana. hammond.
hali- burton, thomas chandler,1796-1865
railroads. canada. [from old catalog]
transportation. canada. [from old catalog]
great britain. colonies. america.
haliburton. i. b & o. rail.1
halifax - short line1
halifax - street railway - history1
halifax explosion, halifax, n.s., 1917 - explosion
explosions. nova scotia. halifax.
halifax (n.s.). history.
macmechan, archibald,1862-1933.halifax disaster.1977.
metson, graham,1934-
halifax harbour1
halifax history1
halifax shipyard1
halifax: birney stronghold1
hamilton - history1
hamilton and northwestern railway.1
hamilton, grimsby & beamsville electric railway company.1
hammond whiting and east chicago electric railway company
hammond whiting and east chicago railway.
hammond, george henry,1838-1886.1
hand firing of locomotives - locomotive injectors - gauges and safety valves - boiler attachments - heat and steam1
hand firing of locomotives - oil-burning - type c-2 locomotive booster.1
handbook - architect - builder - handbook1
handling equipment - catalog1
handling instructions1
handling of time1
harbour commissioners of montreal1
harbours - nova scotia1
harbours - ontario - toronto - maps.
land use, urban. ontario. toronto. maps.
harbours and railways of wales1
harriman alaska expedition. (1899)
natural history. alaska.
alaska. description and travel.
sloan, kay.
harry alconner mclean - projects1
harry falconer mclean - biographer -1
hartford & springfield street railway1
hasardous material - handling2
haulage capacity1
hawker siddeley canada1
haynes, f. jay. (frank jay),1853-1921.
northern pacific railway company.
haynes, f. jay. (frank jay),1853-1921.
headlight turbine1
headlights, streetcar1
health care plan1
heap, william,1826-1912.
heap and partners ltd.
civil engineering. great britain. history.
civil engineering. canada. history.
hedley, william,1779-1843.
locomotives. history.
heisler geared locomotives1
heisler locomotive works - history.
heisler locomotives. united states. history.
kline, benjamin f. g.
heritage - ottawa1
heritage - park - album - alberta1
heritage park - electric street car -1
heritage park - village - calgary - alberta - station - wagon - signal1
heritage, new france, imperialism, nationalism, riel, louis, mercier,world war, industrialization1
hetch hetchy railroad.
logging railroads. california. tuolumne county.
narrow gauge railroads. california. tuolumne county.
last of the three foot loggers.
heywood-wakefield company1
high speed - marketing1
high speed locomotive1
high-speed train1
highland railway.1
highway law - canada.
railroad law. united states.
transportation. law and legislation. united states.
hill jerome james, construction, northwest, montana, canada1
hill, james jerome,1838-1916.3
hiram l. piper company - lantern3
histoire de la famille d'henri vincenot1
histoire - canadian pacific - hôtels1
histoire - canadien pacifique1
histoire - chemin de fer.1
histoire - chemins de fer - biographie des stephenson1
histoire - cn1
histoire - la gare windsor1
histoire - locomotives.1
histoire - mystic - walbridge1
histoire - port de montréal1
histoire - promotion et dévelopmment du transport ferroviaire au québec9
histoire - québec4
histoire - québec - rivière outaouais.1
histoire - train - canadian pacific1
histoire - transport en commun - montréal1
histoire d'une collectivité ferroviaire - charny1
histoire de vie consacré à la voie ferrée1
histoire du canadien national - canada1
histoire et technique de train1
histoire municipal - st-constant1
histoire, québec - belle rivière - mirabel.1
histoires - lithogravure1
historic buildings - ontario.
roads. ontario.
ontario. history, local.
bucovetsky, joe.
sisam, elizabeth.
historic chambly and pine grove park1
historic railroad - united states1
historic sites - ontario - toronto region1
historical account of the growing of wheat in western canada, and how this evolved over the last 300 years into our modern wheat varieties.1
historical analysis - transportation - grain rates1
historical cars - seashore electric railway -1
historical handbook series1
historical narrative - grand trunk railway of canada1
historical novel - fiction1
historical preservation project1
historical relics of british transport1
historique - traction animale - mécanique - exploitation - finance1
history - atlantic and st.lawrence company1
history - baldwin locomotive -1
history - bassett-lowke - hornby1
history - biography - university of toronto1
history - biography of the grand trunk western railroad1
history - bridge - montreal1
history - c.n.r. - railways - canada1
history - c.p.r.1
history - canada1
history - canada national railways1
history - canadian canals1
history - canadian national - building blocks - st.clair tunnel1
history - canadian national railways1
history - canadian pacific2
history - canadian pacific - creation -1
history - canadian pacific railway -1
history - canadian pacific railway and politics - historical and scientific society of manitoba transactions1
history - canadian pacific transcontinental - train service1
history - canadian transcontinental railways1
history - central station - turcot roundhouse - montreal yard - locomotives1
history - chatham wallaceburg - lake erie electric railway co.1
history - cnr1
history - compilation of stories1
history - construction - early maine railroad - arthur r. gould1
history - engineer2
history - engineer.1
history - fort chambly - second frontier - richelieu river - regiment - carignan - iroquois1
history - fredericton junction - canadian pacific railway station1
history - freight - rate change - canada1
history - grand trunk heritage1
history - grand trunk railway1
history - great norhtern railway1
history - great western railway - british railway1
history - great western railway of canada1
history - hudson bay - railway1
history - locomorives1
history - locomotive1
history - locomotive story - modern car1
history - locomotives1
history - man's making1
history - mobility - report1
history - montreal city1
history - montreal terminals - canadian national railways1
history - pacific coast railway - locomotive1
history - pacific electric railway company1
history - pacific railway - edmonton - yukon1
history - periodicals.
burke, edmund,1729-1797.
john davis batchelder collection (library of congress). dlc
benjamin franklin collection (library of congress). dlc
history - railroads1
history - railroads - manitoba - hudson bay railway1
history - railway1
history - railway - canada1
history - railway - nova scotia1
history - railways1
history - railways - british columbia1
history - railways - british columbia -1
history - railways - early locomotives1
history - railways - picture - locomotive - equipment1
history - railways - rail routes.1
history - railways - saskatchewan - stations1
history - rooster -1
history - saanich peninsula - railway1
history - steam and electric railway - canada3
history - steam locomotive -31011
history - steering streetcars - technology1
history - streetcar - itjaca-auburn short line - railway1
history - streetcar - new hampshire1
history - study and teaching (secondary) - québec (province)1
history - train1
history - trains1
history - transportation1
history - vancouver, british columbia - canadian pacific railway1
history - victoria bridge1
history - wellington1
history an economy of transport1
history of adventures1
history of building, engineering, dimensions, comparisons, quebec, passengers1
history of canada1
history of canada's railways-personalities-events1
history of canadian locomotive 1854 to 19681
history of canadian pacific railway company1
history of champion park - canadian pacific railway1
history of general motors locomotives1
history of locomotive canada1
history of montreal locomotive works (mlw) alco to bombardier 1904-19791
history of steam engine - locomotive1
history of steamboats, variety of steamboats and heyday of the steam locomotive1
history of the aeg.1
history of the commercial navigation on the rideau canal1
history of the oil engine from 1680 to beginning of 19301
history of the soo line railroads in minnesota, the dakotas and
ontana: 1883-1990
history of the st. lawrence project2
history of three streetcar builders1
history westmorland county emmersons and descendants1
history, grand trunk1
history, industry, operations, passengers, vancouver, british columbia1
history, remark, accounting, material, locomotive, cars1
hiver - québec - moeurs et coutumes1
hk porter company builders of locomotives1
ho catalog1
ho mmodeling - structure1
ho model1
ho model -1
hobby supply1
hoisting machinery - catalogs.
conveying machinery. catalogs.
holton - entrepreneur - canada1
honoré mercier - politique1
hoole, william,1894-1
hoosac tunnel (mass.)1
hopper car - specifications1
horse railway1
horse-drawn rail cars.1
horseshow wreck - railway disasters - history1
hot boxes1
hotel - banff1
hotels - canada1
hotels - canadian pacific1
hotels - design and construction - canada1
hotesl - description - north america1
houlahan - railroad men - history1
house of commons - debates1
house of commons - debates - canada - jerome, james - honorable1
how of make - repairs - electric trains1
how people works at cn1
how people works at cn, personnel, labour relations, employees, occupations, introduction1
how the locomotive works and why1
howe, joseph,1804-1873.
nova scotia. politics and government. 1763-1867.
grant, w. l.(william lawson),1872-1935,ed.
confederation and expansion.
hsitory - lethbridge municipal railway - transport1
hudson bay railway2
hudson bay railway - history.
hudson bay region. history.
hudson bay railway - legislation1
hudson bay railway - manitoba1
hudson bay railway-port of churchill1
hudson bay railway.
hudson's bay company.
northwest, canadian. history.
hudson bay railway.
railroads. canada.
hudson bay railway.
trade routes.
canada. discovery and exploration.
hudson bay. history.
churchill (man.). history.
churchill river. history.
canada.dept. of transport.
hudson bay railway.
university of california, berkeley.university of california publications in history
hudson bay raiway - manitoba3
hudson bay raiway - manitoba - survey2
hudson bay, fort prince of whales, churchill harbour1
hudson bay, manitoba1
hudson railway material1
hudson river - rail-road1
hudson valley railway1
hudson valley-albany-new york-united states1
hudson's bay company1
hudson's bay company - history1
hudson's bay company - history.
fur trade. canada. history.
northwest, canadian. history. to 1870.
hudson's bay company, competition market, frontier policies1
humain - canadian national railways1
humor - canada1
hunting - canada.
fishing. canada.
canoes and canoeing.
huntington - henry edwards,1850-1927.
pacific electric railway.
street-railroads. california, southern. pictorial works.
huntington, collis potter,1821-1900.
stanford, leland,1824-1893.
hopkins, mark,1813-1878.
crocker, charles,1822-1888.
central pacific railroad.
huntsville and lake of bays railway - history.
huntsville, lake of bays and lake simcoe navigation co.history.
railroads. ontario. muskoka (district municipality). history.
steamboat lines. ontario. muskoka (district municipality). history.
huron county historical society (ont.)
huron county historical society (ont.)
huron county (ont.). history. periodicals.
huron, ont. (comté). histoire. périodiques.
huron county historical society (ont.)
huskisson, w.(william),1770-1830.
liverpool and manchester railway.
hébert, adrien,1890-1967.
national gallery of canada.
ice railway - st-lawrence river bridge - montreal, longueuil - history1
ice story of the st.lawrence river1
ignace (ont.) - history.
dyck, betty,joint author.
illinois - organization - traffic - illinois central system1
illinois central - map1
illinois central railroad company1
illinois central railroad company.1
illinois central system1
illustrated book of steam trains1
illustrated history of north american railways from 1830 to the pesent day1
illustrated locomotives2
illustrated locomotives.1
illustrated of baldwin locomotives 1831-19561
illustration - articles - international - publicité1
illustration de locomotives à vapeur1
illustration of canadian rockies and grand trunk pacific railway1
illustration of mlw-alco to bombardier locomotives1
illustrations - locomotives1
illustrations - tramways - montreal - models1
illustrations of electric locomotives1
illustrations of locomotives, cars and equipment1
illustrations of pullman standard1
illustrations of steam trains1
illustrations of trains1
ilustrated locomotives1
immigrants - prairie provinces - history.
human beings. effect of environment on. prairie provinces.
prairie provinces. emigration and immigration. history.
immigrants - transportation - canada - history.
transportation. canada. history.
immigrants. transport. canada. histoire.
transport. canada. histoire.
canada. emigration and immigration. history.
canada. émigration et immigration. histoire.
canada.citizenship and immigration canada.
immigration - transport - canada - histoire.
transportation. canada. history.
immigrants. transport. canada. histoire.
transport. canada. histoire.
canada. emigration and immigration. history.
canada. émigration et immigration. histoire.
canada.citizenship and immigration canada.
immigrations chinoise - vancouver - travailleur chinois1
incline railway,american railroad1
incorporation act, amendment, agreement, law, construction, transcontinental1
incorporation act, amendment, agreements, ontario subsidy, law1
indenture - albany - susquehanna - delaware and hudson canal company1
index - classification of diesel canadian pacific units1
india railroad - pakistan - bangladesh1
indian - canada1
indian whire relations1
indian-pacific - venice-simplon - orient express - trans-siberian express - shinkansen - blue train - canadian - daylight - american-european express1
indian-white relations - canada1
indiana railroad.
central electric railfans' association.
central electric railfans' association.cera bulletin
indians - perception1
indians of north america - british columbia.
british columbia. description and travel.
northwest, canadian. description and travel. 1867-1950.
indicator - canadian national railways1
industrial archaeology - ontario - history - industries
greenhill, ralph.
industrial archeology - periodical1
industrial heritage - canada1
industrial locomotives1
industrial management.1
industrie du bois, wood industry, transports, québec1
industries - alberta - edmonton.
edmonton (alta.). history.
edmonton (alta.). description and travel.
williams, stanley arthur.partners in progress.1984.
historical society of alberta.amisk waskahegan chapter.
industries - montréal1
industries in art.
industries in literature.
art, british.
english literature. 18th century. history and criticism.
english literature. 19th century. history and criticism.
industries, great lakes, transportation, development1
industry - perspective -1
industry, engineering, metal, mines, prospecting1
information - british columbia2
information for shipping and travelling public and transportation companies - canada1
information for travelers by trolley - street railway1
ingeneering - the pensylvannia railroad company1
inland transportation1
innisfail tramway - geraldton tramway - mourilyan tramway1
inspection manual - car maintenance1
inspector - canada1
instructin publique1
instruction - freight agents - clerks - checkers - grand trunk railway2
instruction d'exploitation - trains / locomotives - règlements1
instruction paper - railroad engineering1
instructions - car conductor - canada - trains -1
instructions manual - canadian national railways1
integration - transcontinental - passenger1
interchange rules2
intercolonial railway - branch lines1
intercolonial railway - branch lines - canada parl. house1
intercolonial railway - prince edward island - railways1
intercolonial railway stations - grand trunk railway stations, water tanks, bunk cars, signals - engineering plans1
interim report - board of transport commissioners1
interior design - industrial - c.n.r. - railways - advertising1
interlocking rules1
interlocking rules - canadian northern2
interlocking rules - canadian pacific2
interlocking systems1
international - railways - freight rates - u.s.a. - canada1
international bridge - niagara river - fort erie - canada - america1
international exhibition, passenger cars, freight cars,1
international year book 19931
interstate commerce commission - traffic world's1
interurbain, edmonton interurban railway company, street railroad, alberta1
interurbans cars - lightweight street - history1
inventaire iconographique du canadien national et canadien pacifique1
inventions - history.
inventions - united states.
inventors. united states.
inverness and richmond railway company.
railroads. nova scotia.
inverness strathpeffer - pictorial works - descriptive guide1
investigation - educational manual1
investments - canada.1
iron - metallurgy.
steel. metallurgy.
iron industry and trade
iron - metallurgy.
steel. metallurgy.
iron industry and trade. [from old catalog]
iron company - canada1
iron horse2
iron horse - grand national trunk railway1
iron horse - railway system1
iron industry - quebec1
iron industry and trade - canada
steel industry and trade. canada. [from old catalog]
iron ore railroads1
iron road - history1
iron toys - catalog - description1
irrigation - conveyance of water in canals - tunnels - flumes and pipes1
irrigation - engineering - distribution system1
irrigation - northwest territories1
irrigation - practice - engineers1
island pond historical society - historic research final rail - vermont - atlantic and st. lawrence railroads1
issued for the information of all those in the company's services1
itinerary, activities, points of interest, british columbia, forts, parks, falls, gardens, rivers1
itinéraires maritimes - france1
ives manufacturing corporation, model
railroads. models.
j. r. booth1
j.g. brill company.
railroad cars. united states. design and construction.
james watt, steam locomotive1
jamestown and chautauqua lake trolleys1
jane's containerisation1
jasper - national park1
jasper judicael stirling1
jasper national park (alta.)
williams, m. b.(mabel berta),1878-
jasper national park, rockies mountains1
jasper park, passenger trains, rockies mountains, travels1
jersey central traction - trolley - bayshore1
jeux olympiques - montréal - 19721
jewett car company - history.
railroad cars. history.
graebner, james h.,1940-
job information guide from ata's1
john a. macdonald's biography1
john bull (steam locomotive) - history.1
john hammond - retrospective works1
john ross - history.1
johnny dillon, yellowknife, prospector, mine1
joliette - lanaudière - histoire - barthélémy joliette - l'assomption1
journal - canada1
journal - engineering - illustrated article1
journal - exploration - palliser captain1
journal - great west.1
journal - mining - canada2
journal - newsletter - industrial archeology - technology1
journal - royal colonial7
journal - royal institute1
journal - stephenson locomotive - society1
journal 1898-1973 - special issue.1
journal boxes - care1
journal of science1
journal of the legislative assembly1
journalists - correspondence, reminiscences, etc - canada - geography
canada. politics and government. 1867-
journaux de l'assemblée législative1
judgements - regulation - railway commissioners - canada1
judgments , orders, regulations and ruling12
judgments concerning freight rates1
jumbo elephant1
juvenile - railway - canada1
kainai chieftainship - history1
kansas city southern - map1
karl olafson - biography1
kaslo & slocan railway - history.
kaslo & slocan. history. pictorial works.
narrow gauge railroads. british columbia. history.
narrow gauge railroads. british columbia. history. pictorial works.
wilkie, david s.
keewatin (steamship)
lake steamers. great lakes (north america). history. 20th century.
lake steamers. canada. history. 20th century.
zimmerman, bob,1945-
kennedy, john s.(john stewart),1830-1909.
capitalists and financiers. united states. biography.
philanthropists. united states. biography.
railroads. united states. history. 19th century.
railroads. canada. history. 19th century.
public libraries. new york (state). new york. history.
bushkoff, leonard.
kettle valley railway - history - pictorial works - railroads - british columbia - okanagan - similkameen1
kettle valley railway - history - railroad construction workers - british columbia1
kettle valley railway - history.
kettle valley railway. histoire.
railroads. british columbia. history.
chemins de fer. colombie-britannique. histoire.
kettle valley railway-memoire1
kettle valley region (b.c.) - description and travel- kettle valley railway - history1
kettle valley service - railway - canadian pacific1
keynes, john maynard,1883-1946.1
king coal-asa packer-collieries-conrail-odissey1
king george vi, queen elizabeth mother1
kingston-pembroke railway - history.1
kinsey's locomotives - postcards1
kipling, rudyard,1865-1936 - travel.
voyages and travels.
united states. description and travel.
asia. description and travel.
kitchen china1
kitchener (ont.) - history.
mclaughlin, kenneth,1943-
kodak films1
kootenay coast railway-kettle valley1
l'industrie agricole du saguenay-lac-saint-jean: 160 ans de montagnes russes. isle-maligne et la deuxième guerre mondiale. le trans-canada: l'utopie ferroviaire du saguenay-lac-saint-jean1
l'éducation - les sons.1
l.n.e.r. class a4 (***) mallard(***) - rhodesian railways beyer-garratt - chicago, milwaukee and st.paul (***)hiawatha(***) *** Erreur : un caractère (=quillemet) interdit fait partie de cette valeur. SVP corriger.1
la gare winsor - histoire.1
la place - ville-marie - montreal - histoire1
la prairie - histoire1
la presse.1
la salle, robert cavelier,sieur de,1643-1687.
lachine (québec). history.
saint-louis, lake (québec)
la vapeur - locomotives - modèles1
labor camps - canada.
contract labor. canada.
wages. canada.
railroad construction workers. canada.
labor productivity - united states.
railroads. united states. employees.
university of michigan.survey research center.survey research center series
labor supply - canada.
meltz, noah m.,joint author.
labour - capital1
labour - union1
labour relations and the transportation revolution - technological challenge - economic imperative and the administrative challenge1
labrador - public relation - employe -1
labrador, history, population, resources, forest, mines, agriculture, fisheries, post service, education1
lackawanna - locomotives1
lacombe - history1
lacombe, albert,1827-1916.1
lacombe, albert,1827-
catholic church. missions.
missions. northwest, canadian.
northwest, canadian.
laheys' canungra tramway1
lake louise1
lake louise - description1
lake of woods - rainy river - water rights - united states - canada1
lake shore electric railway - history.
western reserve historical society publication
lake st.john railway1
lake steamers - prairie provinces1
lake superior - geography1
lake superior - railway1
lake superior - travel1
lake superior and pacific ocean - description, travelling - canadian pacific railway1
lakers - great lakes1
lamp - kerosene lamp -1
lancaster and carlisle railway company.1
land grant legend - united states1
land grant mortgage - canadian pacific railway1
land grants - canadian pacific railway1
land transport1
land use1
lands - canadian pacific railway1
landscape changes - ontario1
landscape, architecture, town of mount royal, canadian nothern railway1
laurentides - histoire1
laurier, wilfrid,sir,1841-1919.
canada. politics and government. 1867-
law - ontario - periodicals.
ontario. politics and government. periodicals.
law - rules- instructions_ testing of locomotives1
law, railroad police1
laws, rules and instruction - inspection of locomotives1
laws, statues, grand trunk1
le (***)p'tit train du nord(***) - québec *** Erreur : un caractère (=quillemet) interdit fait partie de cette valeur. SVP corriger.1
le chemin de fer canadien - construction - histoire2
le côte-de-beaupré: sa trame événementielle. l'avènement du régime municipal dans le bas-canada et dans le comté de deux-montagnes, 1840-1855. un oiseau blanc qui volait avec du plomb dans l'aile1
le grand tronc - histoire1
le train - charny1
lectures- training - cnr1
leeds county - history1
legal status of railroads - tarifs - discrimination - competition1
legends - st. lawrence valley.
simpson, charles w.(charles walter),1878-1942,ill.
legislation - canadian pacific railway company2
legislation - canadian railroad.1
legislation - railway act - concordance3
lehigh & hudson river train1
lehigh river train1
lehigh valley1
lehigh valley - steam locomotive1
lennoxville _ history1
les canaux de greenville et de carillon - le souffle d'éole - de la glace 12 mois par année l'hiver en conserve!1
les déboires du moulin des jésuites de charlesbourg. pierre-joseph-olivier chauveau1
lessons for railroaders1
lethbridge - cp rail1
lethbridge municipal railway1
letters - canada1
letters from an old railway official1
letters of charles john brydges , hudson's bay company land commissioner, 1879-18821
lewiston branch - history1
lexique - english - french1
lexique - entretien de la voie - chemins de fer1
lexique - freins à air - terme linguistique1
lexique - locomotives diesels-électriques - dictionnaire1
lexique - pièces de wagons - terminologie1
lexique - système trace - locomotive1
lexique - vocabulaire - train -1
lgb model trains1
lgb models1
liberal government - canada1
librairian, conservator, archives2
library catalogue - engineers - canada1
life of grant mcconachie, pilot in the canadian north1
light and power - nova scotia1
light literature2
light locomotives1
light rail technology1
lighting system1
liliput models1
lima locomotives - machine company1
lima-hamilton corporation.
steam locomotives. history.
line railways - ontario -1
line toronto - toponymie - stations -1
linguistique - chemins de fer - correspondance française1
lion (locomotive)
locomotives. maine.
maine state museum.
machiasport historical society.
lionel corporation - catalogs - railroads - models
railroads. models. catalogs.
greenberg, bruce c.
lionel catalogues.
lionel corporation - periodicals.
railroads. models. prices. periodicals.
railroads. models. collectors and collecting. prices. periodicals.
greenberg, bruce c.
lionel corporation - railroads - models
railroads. models.
lavoie, roland,1943-. greenberg's guide to lionel trains, 1970-1997.
lionel corporation.
railroads. models.
greenberg publishing company.
greenberg's repair and operating manual, prewar lionel trains.
lionel corporation.
railroads. models.
lavoie, roland,1943-. greenberg's guide to lionel trains, 1970-1997.
lionel corporation.
railroads. models.
rohlfing, christian f.
riddle, peter.
mcentarfer, dave.
greenberg's price guide to lionel trains, 1901-1942.
lionel corporation.
railroads. models.
tuohy, james,joint author.
collector's guide and history to lionel trains.
lionel l.l.c.catalogs.
railroads. models. catalogs.
lionel l.l.c.
lionel toy train2
liquefied petroleum gas industry1
list of designating numbers of stations1
list of equipment - railway3
list stations, cn, train line, canada1
liste des noms de gares de chemins de fer au québec - inventaire iconographique du canadien national et canadien pacifique2
lithographed toys - blocks and games - hard wood building blocks - croquet - guns - boys' tool chests - novelties, etc.1
little trains1
live steam - modeling1
live steam - models1
live steam model1
liverpool and manchester railway.3
liverpool street station (london, england)
greater london council.
livestock transportation1
livre pour enfants - petit train de la mure - 100 ans - histoire1
lloyd's register of shipping1
lloyd's register of shipping - appendix1
lloyd's register of shipping - construction rules1
lloyd's register of shipping - register book3
lloyd's register of shipping - register of ships2
lloyd's register of shipping - shipowners1
lloyd's register shippig - register book1
lner - steam locomotives1
lner 2-8-2 and 2-6-21
loading of pipes1
local transit1
local transit - british columbia - history.
francis, daniel.
local transit - canada.
canadian urban transit association.
roads and transportation association of canada.
local transit - france - history.1
local transit - handbooks, manuals, etc.1
local transit - ontario - london.1
local transit - ontario - toronto.
bus lines. ontario. toronto.
local transit - united states - history.1
local transit - united states - periodicals.
american public transit association.
american transit association.
local trasit - california - san jose - history1
location of line - wetern terminal1
locomotive - safety1
locomotive - irak - india - east africa - south africa - british - argentine - turquia - sudan - burma1
locomotive - 1929-1900 -1
locomotive - algoma eastern - bruce mines - international transit company
nickel belt rails.
nickel belt rails (series)
locomotive - b & o railroad1
locomotive - catalog9
locomotive - catalog - company - climax1
locomotive - catalogue1
locomotive - catalogue.1
locomotive - export - sales - american locomotive co - montreal locomotive works1
locomotive - history2
locomotive - industry - contractor - baldwin1
locomotive - marine - turbine - engines - indicators.1
locomotive - mechanical examination1
locomotive - mechanical examinations1
locomotive - model - designing boilers1
locomotive - modern heisler1
locomotive - pacific type - baldwin -1
locomotive - stephenson2
locomotive - train à vapeur - 141 r -1
locomotive - vapeur - invention1
locomotive - voiture - pullman - histoire - ciwl1
locomotive 6077 - canadian national railways1
locomotive 6218 - canadien national1
locomotive and passenger car outlines for the equipment operated by via rail1
locomotive boilers2
locomotive boilers - hand firing of locomotives - heat and steam.1
locomotive boilers - maintenance1
locomotive boilers - valve gears - breakdowns1
locomotive booster1
locomotive brakes.1
locomotive break-down1
locomotive building - model - basic instruction1
locomotive building - model - british locomotives1
locomotive cyclopedia9
locomotive cylinder, operation, boiler, systems, mechanical, steam locomotive1
locomotive design1
locomotive dictionary3
locomotive dictionay1
locomotive diesel-electric, operation, engineer, mechanical1
locomotive drawings (plate)1
locomotive engine2
locomotive engineer - canadian pacific railway1
locomotive engineering - railway mechanism.3
locomotive engineers - history1
locomotive engineman's and fireman's guide1
locomotive engraving1
locomotive firemen.1
locomotive headlights1
locomotive heisler1
locomotive illustrations.1
locomotive information - technical data1
locomotive injector, steam engine, mechanical, systems, valves system1
locomotive injectors - locomotive feedwater heating equipments.1
locomotive inspection law - united states1
locomotive lamps1
locomotive lubricator1
locomotive maintenance equipment - catalogue1
locomotive management - breakdowns - oil-burning locomotives1
locomotive management - breakdowns - oil-burning locomotives - mallet articulated compound.2
locomotive mechanics - engineering2
locomotive rosters1
locomotive sparks.1
locomotive tenders1
locomotive theory and operation-american practices and methods1
locomotive type - kids - american1
locomotive valve gear1
locomotive works - directories.
electric railroads. cars. directories.
railroads. rolling-stock. directories.
railroads. cars.
locomotive works - united states - history.2
locomotive à vapeur - planche technique1
locomotives - a41
locomotives - articulated1
locomotives - b.c. - yukon.1
locomotives - british -
railroads. great britain.
locomotives - canada - drawings - steam-engines1
locomotives - canada - history1
locomotives - canada - history.
bradley, michael.
locomotives - canada - history.
railroads. rolling stock. canada. history.
locomotives - canada - pictorial works.
canadian railroad historical association.
locomotives - canada - pictorial works.
railroads. canada.
locomotives - canadian pacific railway1
locomotives - cars equipment - delaware & hudson1
locomotives - catalog1
locomotives - catalog.1
locomotives - catalogs6
locomotives - catalogs.1
locomotives - conrail1
locomotives - constructional design - miniature railways - prototype1
locomotives - deisgn - history - trucks - cylinders.1
locomotives - design and construction.
locomotives. united states. history.
locomotives. handbooks, manuals, etc.
locomotives - design and construction.
mellin, carl j.,1851-1924,joint author.
locomotives - design and construction.
museum of history and technology (u.s.)
united states.national museum.bulletin. 245. [from old catalog]
locomotives - development - performance - rivals
locomotives. history.
locomotives - directories - canadian government railway1
locomotives - directories.
cook, arthur f.
modern locomotives.
locomotives - drawings.2
locomotives - early works1
locomotives - early works to 18501
locomotives - fonctionnement
chapelon, andré,joint author.
locomotives - futur - scientific1
locomotives - great britain - history.1
locomotives - great britain - history.
whitehouse, p. b.(patrick bruce)
downe, john christian george dawnay,11th viscount,1935-
locomotives - handbooks - manuals, etc.8
locomotives - handbooks - manuals, etc.
fowler, george little,1855-1926,ed.
locomotives - haulage2
locomotives - histoire - système mallet1
locomotives - historic1
locomotives - history7
locomotives - history - railways - pictorial works1
locomotives - history.13
locomotives - history.
locomotives. france.
temps de la vapeur.
locomotives - history.
bulletin (united states national museum)
locomotives - history.
locomotives. great britain.
ahser, l. l., [from old catalog]. joint author.
locomotives - history.
railroads. europe, eastern.
locomotives - history.
railroads. great britain.
locomotives - history.
railroads. history.
locomotives. history.
railroads. history.
locomotives - history.
railroads. history.
meadway, cliff,illus.
meadway, wendy,illus.
locomotives - history.
railroads. history.
railroads. great britain.
locomotives - history.
railroads. history.
railroads. models.
locomotives - history.
railroads. new zealand.
locomotives - history.
railroads. united states.
locomotives - history
american culture series,63:2. [from old catalog]
locomotives - history
railroads. canada. [from old catalog]
locomotives - history
railroads. history
locomotives - history
world war, 1939-1945. transportation. [from old catalog]
locomotives - how to draw - exercices
locomotives - juvenil literature1
locomotives - juvenile literature.1
locomotives - mlw1
locomotives - model3
locomotives - model engineer1
locomotives - models1
locomotives - models.3
locomotives - models.
machinery. models.
locomotives - models.
model steam locomotive construction.
locomotives - models
c., l. b. s. [from old catalog]
locomotives - models
mechanical models. [from old catalog]
locomotives - moteurs deux et quater temps1
locomotives - mécanique1
locomotives - north america1
locomotives - north eastern railway1
locomotives - ontario - oakville - stream.1
locomotives - ontario northland railway1
locomotives - periodicals - indexes
electric railroads - cars - periodicals - indexes
locomotives - periodicals
railroads. periodicals. [from old catalog]
locomotives - photographers1
locomotives - pictoral works1
locomotives - pictoral wworks1
locomotives - pictorial works - history1
locomotives - pictorial works.1
locomotives - pictorial works.
durrant, a. e.
snell, j. b.,ed.
locomotives - pictorial works.
railroads. pictorial works.
locomotives - pictorial works.
railroads. united states.
locomotives - pictural work1
locomotives - plans1
locomotives - railway safety - history1
locomotives - scotland - history.1
locomotives - second world war
world war, 1939-1945. transportation.
locomotives - steam1
locomotives - steam - brake - british
lake, charles sidney,1872-1942. [from old catalog]
lee, charles edward. [from old catalog]
locomotives - testing - u.s.
louisiana purchase exposition. (1904 :. saint louis, mo.)
locomotives - testing.1
locomotives - testing.
locomotives. performance.
purdue university.engineering laboratory.
locomotives - testing.
louisiana purchase exposition. (1904 :. saint louis, mo.)
locomotives - traité pratique - construction1
locomotives - united states - history.1
locomotives - united states - history.
railroads. united states. history.
locomotives - united states - history.
smithsonian studies in history and technology
locomotives - united states - pictorial works.1
locomotives - united states - registers.
locomotives. canada. registers.
locomotives. mexico. registers.
locomotives - united states.1
locomotives - unites states - history1
locomotives - valve-gears1
locomotives - war1
locomotives a41
locomotives and tender from pennsylvania railroad1
locomotives anglaises1
locomotives boilers - hand firing of locomotives - boiler attachments - heat and steam. - the locomotive1
locomotives boilers - hand firing - boilers attachments - heat and steam.1
locomotives gg11
locomotives l.n.e.r.1
locomotives lubrificators and headlights1
locomotives modernes.1
locomotives pictures2
locomotives pieces - catalogue1
locomotives valve - walschaert valve gear - stephenson valve gear - locomotive valve setting - baker locomotive valve gear - southern locomotive valve gear - ragonnet reverse gear - young locomotive valve gear1
locomotives valve gears - valves settings1
locomotives, articulated.3
locomotives, registers, united states, canada
locomotives. canada. registers.
locomotives. mexico. registers.
locomotives. canada. pictorial works.
railroads. canada.
locomotives. united states. registers.
locomotives. canada. registers.
locomotives - mexico - registers.
clark, d. k.(daniel kinnear),d. 1896.
eagleson, mike,joint author.
foster, george h.(george hoagland),1935-2002.
locomotives. history.
railroads. great britain.
railroads. rolling-stock.
railroads. trains.
snell, j. b.,joint author.
hollingsworth, j. b.(john brian),joint author.
world railway locomotives.
lake, charles sidney,1872-1942. [from old catalog]
lee, charles edward. [from old catalog]
locomotive boilers. [from old catalog]
american technical society.
railroad motive power.
railroads. great britain. [from old catalog]
lake, charles sidney. [from old catalog]
vigerie, raoul.la locomotive actuelle. [from old catalog]
lodges - canadian rockies1
log marks.1
logging cars - car wheels - axles - railroad and machinery castings1
logging locomotives-steam locomotives-nanaimo lakes1
logging railroads - british columbia - port alberni region history1
logging railroads - white mountains (n.h. and me.)1
logging railroads.
lumber. transportation.
lumbering. west (u.s.)
lombard code1
london & north western railway - travel guide book1
london & port stanley railway - annual reports1
london (england) - guidebooks.1
london - journal1
london - journal.1
london - public transport1
london and north eastern railway.
locomotives. history.
london and north eastern railway.
locomotives. history. [from old catalog]
famous locomotive types,no. 6. [from old catalog]
london and port stanley railway1
london and port stanley railway company 1852-18561
london and port stanley railway.2
london correspondence inward from sir george simpson 1841-421
london, waterlow & sons1
london-huron & bruce railway - history1
long island railroad
foster, george h.(george hoagland),1935-2002.
long lance - history1
lord mount stephen - railway - history1
los angeles pacific - riverside & arlington1
louis beaubien - discours1
louisbourg - rochefort point - history1
louisiana purchase exposition. (1904 :. saint louis, mo.)
air brake.
louisville and nashville railroad company.2
lovell, street, guide, montreal1
loyalists, simcoe years, economic, religion, education, frontier, mackenzie1
lt automatic control equipment.1
lubrification - cnr1
lubrification - equipment and techniques - locomotives1
lubrification of locomotives1
lumber - transportation.
railroads. freight. united states.
goe, vernon.
lunch service - instructions1
luxury trains1
macalister, everilda,tr.1
macdonald hotel - c.n.r. - tavern1
macdonald, john alexander,sir,1815-1891.2
macdonald, john alexander,sir,1815-1891.
prime ministers. canada. biography.
canada. politics and government. 19th century.
macgregor derailment - documents1
machine design1
machine design.1
machine design.
steel. welding.
electric welding.
machine shop practice - mathematics1
machine à vapeur
jaunez, a. [from old catalog]
machine-shop practice.
machinery. handbooks, manuals, etc.
machine-shop practice.
stanley, frank arthur,1874-. joint author.
machinery catalogue1
machinery - canada- history1
machinery - catalogue1
machinery - drawings
machine design.
machine drawing.
machinery - exhibitions
cowper, edward alfred,d. 1893. [from old catalog]
machinery - models - juvenile literature.
wheels. juvenile literature.
machinery. models.
machinery. experiments.
models and modelmaking.
doty, roy,1922-. ill.
mechanical engineering.
mechanical engineering. handbooks, manuals, etc.
oberg, erik,1881-. editor.
machinery's handbook.
machines à vapeur et leurs multiples applications1
mack trucks1
mackenzie, sir alexander1
mackenzie, william,sir,1849-1923.
railroads. canada. history.
industrialists. canada. biography.
madera sugar pine company.
lumbering. california. madera co.history.
logging railroads. california. madera co.
magazine - canada - railway1
magazine - canadian railway1
magazine - mechanic1
magazine - railway1
magazine - railway - canada1
magazine - railways - canada1
magazine - railways - canadian national22
magazine - tramways - history1
magazine international le rail - information ferroviaire1
magog - histoire1
magor car corporation - history1
mahon, edward, 1862-1937 - mahon family - irish canadians, british columbia, north vancouver, biography - parks - history - businesspeaople - real estate development - 20th century1
mahone, william,1826-1895.
kimball, frederick j.,1844-1903.
norfolk and western railway company.
mail cars1
mail service - canada1
mail, united states, postal service2
main line west.
far from cibola.
common heart.
maine - guidebooks - atlantic and st. lawrence rail roads
new hampshire. guidebooks.
white mountains (n.h. and me.). guidebooks.
quebec (province). guidebooks.
maine - monson railroads - history1
maine central - locomotives - diesel1
maine railroads.1
maintenance - canadian pacific railway1
maintenance - safety1
maintenance - safety rules2
maintenance and management of small locomotives1
maintenance of way3
maintenance of way - canadian pacific1
maintenance of way - history1
maintenance of way - procedures1
maintenance safety1
maintenance work2
maintenance work - protection1
maintenance, railway car,1
maintenance, shops, cars, survey1
making a locomotive - mechanic - highwayman - locomotion1
mallet locomotives.1
manitoba - geography1
manitoba - history.
manitoba. histoire.
manitoba - railways1
manitoba - record of results1
manitoba - yellowhead trail1
manitoba's historical society - association1
manitoba, royal visit, canadian national, canadian pacific1
manor - seigniory club -1
manual - cn employees1
manual - gas - electric - equipment - locomotive1
manual of fire fighting on ships1
manual of practical mechanics1
manual of road and rail-road making1
manual of secretarial practice1
manuel - mathematic1
manuel - mlw - compagnie minnière québec cartier1
manuel de l'apprenant - stcum - signalisation1
manuel de sciences physiques 2e secondaire1
manufacturing locomotive -1
map - canada1
map - canadian national1
map - toronto1
maps - alaska - routes1
maps, railways, canada, named, canadian national1
maps, railways, canada, names, geographical, canadian national1
maps, railways, canadian national, canada, names1
marchandises dangereuses - normes1
marine engineering - handbooks - manuals, etc.
thorn, w.h., & son.
reed, thomas, & co.
marine engines.
steamboats. [from old catalog]
maritime provinces - guidebooks.
osgood, james r., & co., pub.
maritime provinces - halifax - st.john - new brunswick - p.e.i.1
maritime provinces, the quebec conference, fathers of confederation1
maritime rail passenger1
maritimers - history.
prairie provinces. history.
cherwinski, w. j. c.(walter joseph carl),1942-. incredible harvest excursion of 1908.
maritimes - illustrated book1
maritimes travel guide1
market, politics, ford, henry, japan, economic1
marketing - canadian pacific railway1
marketing, biography, united states1
marklin models1
marlborough, john churchill,duke of,1650-1722 - military leadership.
great britain. history. anne, 1702-1714.
great britain. history, military. 1603-1714.
mass transportation report - sub-committee - plan- montreal1
massachusetts northeastern street railway company.1
mastigouche - memories1
matchbox vehicules - classic toy car - history1
mateirla and mechanic of engineering1
materials, fabrication, steel, titanium1
mathematics - mechanics
railroads. cars.
mathematics, surveying, location, construction1
matériel de traction1
maverick, alberta - history1
maxwell's train - story1
mcgill great men1
mcgill university1
mclaughlin, samuel - automobiles - history.1
mechanic - pumps and hydraulics2
mechanical drawing - grand trunk railway system1
mechanical engineering5
mechanical engineering - dictionaries.
appleton, firm, publishers, new york. (1852.d. appleton & co.) [from old catalog]
mechanical engineering - handbooks - manuals, etc.
kent, robert thurston,b. 1880.
kent, william,1851-1918.mechanical engineers' pocket-book.
mechanical engineering.
electric engineering.
derr, louis,1868- [from old catalog]. ed.
american technical society.
mechanical engineers - biography.
locomotives. design and construction. history.
mechanical examination4
mechanical examination - conductor1
mechanical examination - locomotives2
mechanical examinations1
mechanical models - periodicals2
mechanical movements - mouvements mécaniques1
mechanical, electric, hydraulic, diesel traction, engine1
mechanical, material, workers1
mechanics - applied.
strains and stresses.
mechanics - blower systems of heating1
mechanics - education - engineering - electricity1
mechanics - electricity - engineering - education1
mechanics - periodicals.2
mechanics principles1
melville yard - traffic control1
members, meetings notes1
membership directory1
memoires - famille vermette1
memorandum - winnipeg board of trade1
memorial - new york and canada railway1
memorial service - joseph hickson - sermon1
messenger- canadian pacific railway1
metallurgist, industry, market1
methods - loading1
methods - loading - forest products -1
methods - loading - freight - closed cars - protection equipment1
methods - loading - motor vehicules - protection equipment - rules1
methods conformatory to business requirements and moral peculiarities - functions of inspectors - fiscal regulation1
metro - montreal -1
metropolitain - rail line1
metropolitan transportation authority - long island1
michigan central railroad company.
railroads. michigan. history.
michigan ontario railroads1
middle east - description and travel.1
mileage - capitalization - bonded indebtedness - earnings - operating expenses - cost of maintenance -fixed charges - comparative statistics - investments - dividents - guarantees, etc.1
milestones - railways1
military railroads - england. kent (england) - history.
kent (england). history, military.
military railroads - great britain - history1
military railroads - history.
railroads. history.
military railroads - united states - history.
united states. history. civil war, 1861-1865. transportation.
meredith, arthur,1931-. joint author.
military railroads.
davies, w. j. k.,joint author.
millholland, james,1812-1875.
bulletin (united states national museum)
mine - canada1
mine railway, nova scotia, railways, history1
miner, bill [1847?-1913] - brigands and robbers - canada - biography1
miner, william a.,1847?-1913.
train robberies. west (u.s.)
mineral resources - canadian national railways - north-eastern canada2
mineralogy - education - science1
mines - railway - klondike1
mines and fisheries - report - quebec1
mines and mineral resources - canada.2
mines, cuivre, murdochville, noranda, copper mine1
miniature - electric train -1
miniature - models - locomotives1
miniature - terminal - canada1
miniature train - toy1
miniature trains - collection1
miniatures - car -1
mining convention - souvenir1
mining industry - alberta1
minirail - expo 67 - montreal1
ministère des transports du québec - railways1
minniapolis,street railway,strike1
miramichi - railroads1
mississauga - railway accident - report1
missouri, kansas and texas railway company1
mlw locomotives1
mode de transport1
model train collection1
model - engineering - locomotives - accessories1
model - experimental engineering1
model - miniature - product -1
model - miniature - railroad - track1
model building, streetcar1
model catalog3
model catalogue1
model collector1
model craftsman1
model layouts1
model live steam1
model locomotive - valve gears - basic proportions1
model maker's - guide - steam boilers1
model plans - locomotives1
model railraods - bridges : model railroads - buildings1
model railroad1
model railroad - benchwork1
model railroad - plan1
model railroad ing - locomotives - freight trains - yard buildings - electricity3
model railroads2
model railroads - constructing buildings - hobby1
model railroads - electronic1
model railroads - guide1
model railroads - planning2
model railroads - plans1
model railroads catalog1
model railway catalogue1
model railways - catalogue - engineering1
model railways - locomotives - history1
model réduit,lionel1
model train collection1
model trains1
model trains - repairs1
model, miniature railway, signalisation1
modeler - plans1
modeling - diesel - prototype1
modeling - g scale1
modeling - plastic1
modeling, locomotives, o gauge, oo gauge1
modeling, miniature trains1
modeling, miniature, collection1
modelling - live-steam1
modelling - signalling - track1
modelling - track1
modelling - track plan1
modelling, ho1
modelling, miniature railway1
modelling, passenger car1
models - british1
models - electronic equipment1
models - trackwork1
modern air-brake practice1
modern business - transportation - traffic management1
modern crossing - protection - signals1
modern electric railway1
modern freight cars1
modern mobility1
modern transport - equipment of american railways1
modèle réduit1
modèles réduits - ho - plans1
modèles réduits 027 - lionel1
modélisme - électronique1
moffat - ladder -1
moffat, david h.(david halliday),1839-1911.
denver and salt lake railway company. history.
capitalists and financiers. united states. biography.
jones, william c.1937-
mohawk and hudson railroad1
molson - histoire1
molson - le vieux montréal - histoire1
molson's brewery, ltd.1
moncton (n.b.) - history.1
moncton history _ new brunswick history1
monet, claude (1840-1926) - painting1
monmouth county electric company - history.
street-railroads. new jersey. monmouth county. history.
monorail railroads.1
mont-royal - histoire1
montana - butte - railway1
montreal & lachine railroad company1
montreal (quebec) - bridges.1
montreal (québec) - history - pictorial works.
montreal (québec). social life and customs. pictorial works.
montreal - carnival - history1
montreal - city passenger railway1
montreal - description1
montreal - description - travel - history1
montreal - development - pictorial works1
montreal - directory2
montreal - history3
montreal - history - development1
montreal - history - railway1
montreal - history - railways1
montreal - history - urban transit1
montreal - montréalais - histoire - portrait1
montreal - photograph - history1
montreal - photos1
montreal - quebec - history1
montreal - railway history - grand trunk railway1
montreal - rocky mountains - excursion1
montreal - shawinigan - ottawa - joliette1
montreal - short line1
montreal - tourisme - tramway1
montreal - tran-canada transportation2
montreal _ tourism _ guide1
montreal junior board of trade1
montreal metro - central control1
montreal metro - transit1
montreal park - island railway company - contracts2
montreal railway stations1
montreal street - guide - map1
montreal streetcars - work equipment1
montreal terminal - station - history -1
montreal yard - operating manual1
montreal's tank engines - remembering tichfield jct. - diesel study: rs-11 - cnr s scale survey - cnr's railiners, part 1 - books of interest1
montreal, central station, construction, operations, moncton, saskatoon1
montreal, histoire, roman1
montreal, industries, business, ship-building, companies, the hudson bay1
montreal, maritime1
montreal,guide,ommnibus, timetable,map1
montreal-south shore bridge - history - construction1
montréal (québec - ouvrages illustrés1
montréal (québec) - directories.1
montréal (québec) - guidebooks.
montréal (québec). history.
montréal (québec) - hisotry - scenery1
montréal (québec) - histoire - ouvrages illustrés1
montréal (québec) - history - scenery - institution1
montréal (québec) - history.3
montréal (québec) - history.
montréal (québec). biography.
montréal (québec). maps. bibliography.
montréal (québec) - pictorial works - descriptions
montréal (québec). history. pictorial works.
montréal (québec) - pictorial works - history1
montréal (québec) - pictorial works.
winkworth, peter s., [from old catalog]. joint author.
montréal (québec) - social life and customs.
wilson, lawrence maurice,1896- [from old catalog]. comp.
[montreal] château de ramezay.monograph. no. 1. [from old catalog]
montréal - architecture - ponts1
montréal - central area plan - downtown1
montréal - circuits de métro et d'autobus - guide indicateur des rues1
montréal - histoire - cartes postales1
montréal - histore1
montréal - illustrations2
montréal - new york - liaison - grande vitesse1
montréal - new york - liaison - grande vitesse - etude -1
montréal, architecture
lavigueur, huguette. [from old catalog]
landry, armour, [from old catalog]. illus.
montréal, jubilé de la reine1
moose jaw - electric railway1
morris county traction company.
greenberg, william t.
morse, samuel finley breese,1791-1872.
orton, william,1826-1878.
telegraph. united states
moteurs thermiques - histoire - chemins de fer1
motor cars - collision - report1
motor cars - operation1
motor vehicule - canada1
motormen - rules1
motors - ships - engines - modern boy's1
mount royal tunnel1
mount royal tunnel - montreal2
mount royal tunnel - montreal - history1
mount royal tunnel montreal1
mount stephen club1
mount stephen, george stephen,baron,1829-1921 - biography,
canadian pacific railway. history.
railroads. canada. biography.
mount stephen, george stephen,baron,1829-1921.
canadian pacific railway. history.
railroads. canada. biography.
mount washington - white mountains1
mountain life - fiction.
physicians. fiction.
rocky mountains. fiction.
mountain railroads - history.
railroads. colorado. history.
mountain timber - british columbia1
mountain type locomotive-heavy1
mountaineering - selkirk range - canada - geography - maps
selkirk range.
british columbia. description and travel.
canada. surveys.
canada.dept. of the interior.
mountaineering - selkirk range - canada - geography
selkirk range.
british columbia. description and travel.
canada. surveys.
canada.dept. of the interior.
movement of trains - general instructions1
movement of trains - instructions2
moxham, arthur james,1854-1931.
johnson company (johnstown, pa.). history.
steel-works. pennsylvania. johnstown. history.
street-railroad tracks. design and construction. history.
johnstown (pa.). history.
johnstown area heritage association (pa.)
mt. washington1
multi level rail car1
multi-modal transportation - analysis1
mural painting and decoration - canada - railroads1
murals in canadian train1
museum - locomotive1
museums - directory1
museums - guide - canada1
musée français du chemin de fer.1
musées - environnement1
mutual benefit - dining car employees1
métro - montreal1
métro - montréal1
métro - québec - montreal - histoire1
n scale models1
n scale module1
names of places - alberta1
names, geographical - québec (province)
québec (province). history. dictionaries. french.
québec (province). biography. dictionaries. french.
narrow gauge2
narrow gauge pictorial1
narrow gauge railroads - canada.3
narrow gauge railroads - caricatures and cartoons.2
narrow gauge railroads - europe.
whitehouse, p. b.(patrick bruce),joint author.
narrow gauge railroads - maine.1
narrow gauge railroads - united states.
narrow gauge railroads. canada.
hardy, grahame h.
darrell, paul.
narrow gauge railroads - wales.
military railroads. france.
world war, 1914-1918. transportation.
narrow gauge railroads - yukon - klondike river valley - history.
mine railroads. yukon. klondike river valley. history.
mineral industries. yukon. klondike river valley. history.
nicklason, lorne h.(lorne henry),1951-
canadian railroad historical association.pacific coast division.
narrow gauge railroads.2
narrow gauge railroads.
railroads. great britain.
narrow gauge railroads.
railroads. pictorial works.
allen, peter christopher,joint author.
narrow-gauge locomotives1
nation building1
national transcontinental railway - the hudson bay route - the georgian bay canal1
national advertisers - brand names - agencies - accounts - advertising - services1
national capital development - report1
national commission on intermodal tranportation (u.s.)
transportation and state. united states.
freight and freightage. united states.
national commission on intermodal transportation (u.s.)
national geographic magazine1
national problems - canadian youth1
national problems- canada - history of the port - modern port - greatest grain port in the world1
national railroad shopmen's strike, u.s., 1922.1
national railway historical society - mohawk & hudson chapter.
locomotives. pictorial works. catalogs.
photography. negatives. catalogs.
national railway museum - pictures1
national transcontinental railway - construction - amend - grand trunk railway1
national transportation act - canada1
national transportation policy1
natural resources - ontario development1
natural resources.
railroads. united states.
united states. economic conditions.
navigation - great lakes1
navigation - harbors - ontario - toronto - history1
navigation -great lakes1
navigation -ontario -ferry2
navigation sur l'outaouais - moulin léagaré - tramways à montréal1
naviguation, gare, accident ferroviaire, photographie1
nebraska - locomotive1
neele, george p.
london and north-western railway. history.
railroads. great britain. history.
nelson street railway1
neurosurgery, science, education1
nevada county narrow gauge railroad.1
new brunswick - history1
new brunswick - map1
new brunswick - mines1
new england - canada - mountains lakes and streams1
new england - history1
new england - passenger trains - history1
new england - sandy river forneys1
new england electric railway historical society - rules1
new westminster - history.
new westminster (b.c.). pictorial works.
new world - prince of whales1
new york (state) - history - dictionaries
champlain valley. history.
hudson river valley (n.y. and n.j.). history.
delaware and hudson company. [from old catalog]
new york - air brake1
new york - air brake pumps - triple valves - brake valve -troubles - operation - brake gear - air signal1
new york - brooklyn - railroad - history1
new york - photographic views1
new york - report - engineering - railroad accidents1
new york - street railway1
new york air brake1
new york central1
new york central - illustrated book1
new york central - ontario lines - railways1
new york central - photohraphs1
new york central - reports1
new york central and hudson river railroad company - canadian railway companies1
new york central lines.
express trains. united states.
new york central lines.
twentieth century, the run of the.
new york central railroad4
new york central railroad company.1
new york central railroad.1
new york central system1
new york central's - streamliners - passenger trains1
new york city metropolitan region railroad1
new york city, union freight terminal, traffic problem1
new york commuter trains1
new york state railways.
nys railways.
new york world's fair. (1939-1940)
subways. new york (state). new york.
new york, chicago, and st. louis railway company.
new york, chicago, and st. louis railroad company (1887-1923)
new york, chicago and st. louis railroad company (1923-1964)
new york, ontario, and western railway co.1
newburyport & amebury horse railroad1
newcomen, thomas,1663-1729.
steam engines. history.
newfoundland - cn - history1
newfoundland - study1
newfoundland and its attractions1
newfoundland and labrador - canada geograph7 (description)1
newfoundland and labrador - description and travel.1
newfoundland narrow gauge - crowsnest & kettle valley - montreal vignette - winnipeg, manitoba - surviving steam in canada1
newfoundland railway5
newfoundland railway - history1
newfoundland railway company - history2
newfoundland railway company - history - pictorial works.
railroads. newfoundland and labrador. history. pictorial works.
newfoundland railway company - history.
railroads. newfoundland and labrador. history.
newfoundland railway company - history.
railroads. newfoundland and labrador. passenger traffic. history.
lingard, cory.
newfoundland, baldwin locomotive, development1
newfoundlant - railway1
newpaper reference book of canada1
news report - railroad - canada17
news service - canadian pacific railway1
newsletter - beam engine - olean-bayonne pipeline - tracks and timber - rocky river bridge - rideau canal1
newsletter - utm grid reference system - alligator or steam warping tug1
niagara falls (n.y. and ont.) - guidebooks.1
niagara falls (n.y. and ont.) - history.
mahoney, thomas d.,joint author.
niagara falls - bridge1
niagara falls - guide - points of interest1
niagara falls park & river railway.
railroads. niagara river region.
niagara falls park and river railway company - pictorial works.
international railway company. pictorial works.
niagara falls (n.y. and ont.). pictorial works.
thompson, gordon j.
national railway historical society.niagara frontier chapter.
niagara falls, quebec, saint lawrence river - description and travel - guidebooks.1
niagara st.catherine & toronto railway - history1
niagara, st. catharines & toronto railway - history.
railroads. ontario. history.
upper canada railway society.
ontario electric railway historical association.
niagara, st. catharines and toronto railway - pictorial works - electric railroads - ontario - history
street-railroads. ontario. niagara peninsula.
bowen, p. j.(peter j.)
niagara, st. catharines and toronto railway.
street-railroads. ontario. niagara peninsula.
bowen, p. j.(peter j.)
niemann, linda.
women railroad employees. united states. biography.
niemann, linda.boomer.
niles cars - model1
nipissing central railway - history1
no. 51.1
no. 10.1
no. 13.1
no. 133-134.2
no. 145.1
no. 25.1
no. 3.3
no. 4.1
norhtern railway stories1
north america1
north america - railroads1
north america scenery-pacific great eastern-british columbia-history-peoplee of the railway-anecdotes1
north america yearbook - intermodal keynotes - intermodal operations - intermodal services1
north america's railroads - history - songs - railroad yarns - notorious wrecks - locomotive cab1
north american rail - history1
north american railways1
north american steam locomotive1
north atlantic liners - history1
north atlantic seaway5
north bay - history - world war - childhood and youth1
north british locomotive co.ltd. - photographs1
north shore railroad - quebec1
north, canadoan - exploring expedition1
north-west - canada1
north-west - canada - paper1
north-west territories4
northern alberta railways - history1
northern alberta railways company.
railroads. alberta, northern.
northern british columbia - yukon - north pacific coast - travel1
northern electric - handbook1
northern indiana railways, inc.
electric railway historical society.bulletin. no. 6. [from old catalog]
northern new england-boston and maine-yankee railroad-boston and albany- canadian border1
northern ohio traction and light company.
street-railroads. ohio. history.
local transit. ohio. history.
northern ontario1
northern ontario - illustrated book1
northern pacific1
northern pacific railroad company.1
northern pacific railroad company.
northwestern states. guidebooks.
smalley, eugene virgil,1841-1899.
northern pacific railroad company.
overland journeys to the pacific.
canada. description and travel.
northern pacific railway company1
northern quebec, mines, population, climate, hudson's bay1
northern railroad company (n.h.)1
northern railway of canada1
northwest territories - canada - georgraphy1
northwest, canadian - description and travel.2
northwest, canadian - description and travel
british columbia. description and travel. [from old catalog]
doughty, arthur george,1860- [from old catalog]. ed.
lanctot, gustave, [from old catalog]. joint ed.
northwest, canadian - description and travel
british columbia. description and travel.
cheadle, walter b.(walter butler),1835-1910.joint author.
northwest, pacific frontier, exploration, klongike, ykon, development, quebec, ontario, artic frontier1
northwestern pacific railroad company.
railroads. california. electrification.
interurbans special
northwestern pennsylvania railway - history.1
nothern alberta railways1
notions élémentaires de physique1
notman photographs1
notman, william, 1826-1891 - exihbitions - photography - landscapes - potraits1
nouveau-brunswick-caraquet railway company-gulf shore railway company1
nova scotia - geography1
nova scotia - guidebooks.1
nova scotia - history - railway1
nova scotia - natural resources1
novel - railway - the fiddle hill division1
noël - québec - folklore1
numbers of stations including dominion atlantic, quebec central, grand river lake erie & northern - vancouver and lulu island branch.1
numismatics - canada.
medals. canada.
money. canada.
illustrated history of coins and tokens relating to canada.
nursing - canada1
o'brien family - memories1
o'kelly, barbara,1945 - juvenile literature.
railroad travel. canada. juvenile literature.
canada. description and travel. juvenile literature.
allinson, beverley,joint author.
oakville - history1
oban line railroad - history.1
obigations of business1
objets anciens - excursions vapeur1
objets antique ferroviaire du canadien national1
observation buffet service - canadian pacific railway3
occupation, workers, worlg war, development, railroad stories1
occupations - canadian national workers1
occupations, canadian national, workers2
occupations, workers, rail maintenance1
ocean liners1
ocean liners.
steamboat lines.
ocean travel - european & north american railway - railways - history
european and north american railway company.
ocean travel.
european and north american railway company.
officers and executive - past presidents - treasurer's report - general manager's report - president's address - reports of standing commitees - minutes of business sessions - constitution and by-laws1
official documents - canadian pacific limited - merger1
official memorandum - canadian pacific railway1
official pictorial - souvenir programme1
official proceedings of the 1949 annual meeting1
official proceedings of the 1950 annual meeting1
official proceedings of the 1951 annual meeting1
official proceedings of the 1952 annual meeting1
oganigramme - c.p.r.1
ohio trolley trails - cincinnati & lake erie - lima route1
ohio valley scenic route - steubenville, east liverpool and beaver valley traction company1
old montreal - history1
old peppersass1
on dynamo-electric machinery-generators-motors-storage batteries-electric wiring-electrical measurements-electric lighting-electric railways-power stations-power transmissions-alternating current machinery-telephony-telegraphy1
on the construction of canadian locomotives1
ontario - history3
ontario - history - periodicals,1
ontario - history - periodicals. algoma central - history
ontario historical society.
ontario - history - railways
ontario. description and travel.
ontario - history.
ontario. description and travel.
ontario - railway heritage1
ontario - railways - pere marquette - cheasapeake & ohio1
ontario and quebec railway1
ontario northland1
ontario northland - steam locomotive1
ontario northland railway1
ontario northland railway - history.1
ontario northland railway - history.
ontario northland railway. histoire.
ontario northland railway - history.
ontario. history. 20th century.
ontario northland transportation commission1
operating diagram - canadian national railways1
operating instructions5
operating instructions - cn rail3
operating instructions -cp rail1
operating manual - buffalo1
operating manual - canadian national1
operating manual - fort erie1
operating revenues - electric railways - classification1
operating rules11
operating rules - brakes1
operating rules - canadian national railways1
operating rules - grand trunk1
operating rules - inspection1
operating rules - maintenance1
operating rules - railway1
operating rules - railways1
operating ryles - air brake instructions - hazardous materials - d & h timetable1
operation instructions - cn rail1
operation instructions - cp rail5
operation of dynamos and motors electric railways1
operation, brakes, system, equipment2
operation, traffic, communications, hotels, accounting, legislative, public relations1
operational control - bc rail1
operatnig rules1
operator's guide - trolley -1
opinion, grain, rates, law, statistics, canada1
orangeville - steam train1
organization - general information - canadian national railway2
organization - general information - canadian national railways1
organization of railway army - labor and employes - principles of government - financing1
orient express (express-train)1
origin names - station - provinces - canada1
origine - confédération - histoire après 1919 - chemin de fer1
origine des noms de lieu - toponymie de montréal2
origines - trains - développement industriel1
osborne's guide - birmingham - railway1
oshawa railway - history - bowmanville museum1
ottawa - images1
ottawa & st lawrence - history1
ottawa - history1
ottawa - history - journal articles1
ottawa _ history _ cities and towns1
ottawa car - illustrating collection1
ottawa car company - streetcar - street railroad1
ottawa railway - brockville1
ottawa trolleys1
ottawa valley - archaeology1
ottawa valley exploration1
ottawa valley geography1
ottawa, arnprior and parry sound railway - history.
railroads. ontario. history.
outaouais - critique et interprétation1
outremont - gare de triage1
overland journeys to the pacific - canadian railway companies
canada. description and travel.
overland journeys to the pacific.
canada. description and travel.
overseas forces - canada - report o f the ministry1
overseas markets1
overseas railways1
owen sound - directories1
owls - fiction.
railroads. trains. fiction.
mystery and detective stories.
sharmat, mitchell.
weston, martha,ill.
ownership, law, buisness.1
oxyacetylene welding and cutting.
oxwelded piping.
pacific - railway1
pacific - railway - canada central railway - ottawa1
pacific coast company.1
pacific electric railway1
pacific electric railway.2
pacific electric railway.
street-railroads. california, southern.
local transit. california. los angeles.
pacific great eastern1
pacific great eastern railway3
pacific great eastern railway (c.-b.)
pacific great eastern railway - history: locomotives - british columbia.1
pacific great eastern railway-british columbia-resources2
pacific great eastern railway-railway history-british columbia1
pacific great eastern's railway - history1
pacific great eastern-british columbia railway1
pacific locomotives - pictorial works1
pacific ocean line - geography1
pacific railroad.1
pacific railroads - history.
railroads. west (u.s.). history.
great and shining road.
pacific railroads - history.
railroads. west (u.s.). history.
west (u.s.). history.
wheeler, keith.
old west (alexandria, va.)
pacific railway - colonial system - northern lines - national system - passenger transport1
pacific states - description and travel.
alaska. description and travel.
painting and sculpture - iron horse west1
painting, canadians, chronology1
panama canal - history1
panoramic guide of the st.lawrence1
paper - canadien rail - passenger - programme1
paper industry canada1
paper money - canada - catalogs - periodicals1
paquebot - titanic - transport de troupes1
parallel accelerator control and type 1432 motor - electric railway1
parliament and politics - external affairs and defence - economy - life1
parlor car - instructions1
parlor car service, sleeping car service1
part 1 - historical review - railway locomotives and rolling stock1
part 1 : economic geography of canada, part ii: the economic development of canada, part iii: political institutions of canada1
part ii - descriptive catalogue1
partition musicale3
partitions - song collections - canada1
pasenger car - mechanical plans1
pasenger transport1
pass - yukon - report2
passamaquoddy bay1
passenger train services - via rail1
passenger - baggage - express and mail service2
passenger - freight - switching - plantation - logging - mine - compressed-air - oil-burning - electrical - locomotives2
passenger - freight - switching - plantation - logging - mines - electrical - oil-burning and compressed-air locomotives - trucks...2
passenger - rail services - report1
passenger car - air brake1
passenger car - design1
passenger car - inventory1
passenger car catalog1
passenger car diagrams1
passenger car services1
passenger cars - diagrams, motor coach trailer - diagrams, gasoline motor coach - diagrams, oil electric car - diagrams1
passenger equipment - railroads - canada - registers2
passenger sales and services - passenger equipment development1
passenger traffic - canada1
passenger train1
passenger train - collision1
passenger train and low traffic1
passenger train history - rails across canada1
passenger trains1
passenger trains, fares, stories1
passenger trains, rules1
passenger transport - intercity mode - economy1
passenger transport - montreal - ottawa - toronto - windsor - ontario - quebec - statistic - urbanism1
passenger transportation -1
passengers - streetcars - toronto1
patent locomotive steam engine of robert stephenson1
patents - canada1
patrick stirling's locomotives1
pcc car (streetcar) - street railroads - united states - canada
street-railroads. united states.
street-railroads. canada.
street-railroads. mexico.
carlson, stephen p.,1948-
pcc car (streetcar)
demoro, harre w.
peace river district
railroads. alberta.
railroads. peace river valley (b.c. and alta.)
canadian pacific railway. [from old catalog]
peace river, british columbia, exploration1
penn central transportation company.
binzen, peter,joint author.
pennsylvania - railroad1
pennsylvania - railroad - station1
pennsylvania and of the baltimore & ohio railroads - history1
pennsylvania railroad - history.
pennsylvania. history.
pennsylvania. description and travel.
new jersey. description and travel.
pennsylvania railroad.passenger dept.
joseph meredith toner collection (library of congress). dlc
pennsylvania railroad - history.
railroads. united states. electrification.
railroads. pennsylvania. history.
golden years of railroading.
pennsylvania railroad - shops1
pennsylvania railroad system1
pennsylvania railroad, american railroad1
pennsylvania railroad.
locomotives. history.
pennsylvania railroad.
locomotives. united states.
railroads. united states. signaling.
pennsylvania railroad.
pennsylvania station (new york, n.y.)
couper, wm.(william),b. 1884.
pension fund - canadian national railways1
pension plan - canadian pacific1
pension plan - regulations2
pension plan - rules1
pensnsylvania transportation1
pentrex video catalog1
percentage table1
perishable goods1
perkins, charles e. 1875-1907, budd, ralph 1923-1949, railroad organization, history1
permafrost - canada1
permanent international association of navigation congresses - canada - geography
inland navigation. canada.
steamboat lines. canada.
railroads. canada.
canada. economic conditions.
stumbles, william w.,1846-
permanent international association of navigation congresses.
inland navigation. canada.
steamboat lines. canada.
railroads. canada.
canada. economic conditions.
stumbles, william w.,1846-
permis, taxes, licences1
personal experiences - canada1
personalities description1
peter witt car (streetcar)
street-railroads. ontario. toronto.
peterborough - railroads1
petroleum - canada1
petroleum - prospectus1
philadelphia - trolley and interurbans - subway - railroads - ferries - highway and bridges - buses and taxis - aircraft1
philadelphia suburban transportation company - history.1
philatélie - canada1
phosphate manufacturer1
photo de montréal1
photo story of steam locomotive1
photographers - locomotive portraits1
photographies - trains1
photographies, freight trains, passengers trains, mountains, yard, depot1
photographs of locomotives from many countries1
photographs, american railroad1
photography of mountains - british columbia - history - 19th century.
photography of mountains. british columbia. history. 20th century.
photography of mountains - alberta - history - 19th century.
photography of mountains. alberta. history. 20th century.
photography, films, apparatus and supplies, cameras, moving-pictures, railways, pictorial works
railroads. united states. pictorial works.
pictoresque guide - north-western railway1
pictorial history of the locomotive1
pictorial record - montréal - history1
pictorial work - united states1
pictorial works - canadian pacific railway1
pictorial works - canadian war1
pictorial works - historical and descriptive - canada - geography1
pictorial works - history1
pictorial works - history - montreal1
pictorial works - history - vancouver - canada1
pictorial works - locomotives1
pictorial works - mountain scenery - canadian national park at banff - rocky and selkirk mountains, fraser canyon and pacific coast1
pictorial works - quebec1
pictorial works - railway - winnipeg art gallery1
pictorial works - story about a canadian national railways u-1-f series mountain type steam locomotive, 60601
pictorial works - streamliner1
pictorial works - toronto1
picture of world railways1
pictures - railroad - catalog1
pictures of men building the railroad1
pictures, canadians, chronology1
piedmont and northern railway company.
swanson, peter w.,joint author.
pioneer manufacturers originators and specialists in logging engines and equipment1
pioneers in northern canada - new life for corsical - the greatest mountain range - tides and britain1
pioneers, construction, songs, locomotives, edward curtis smith1
pipe - fitting - heating - refrigeration - elevators.1
pittsburgh - traction - transportation1
place ville marie- cnr - montreal1
plan - organization1
plan - transport intégré - montréal1
plan de pension - canadien national1
plans - locomotive1
plans d'un réseau de métro1
plumber - pocket book - fixture1
plumbing - handbooks - manuals, etc.
pipe fitting.
emery, thomas j.,joint author.
plumbing. handbooks, manuals, etc.
pipe fitting.
emery, thomas j.,joint author.
pocket guide - toy trains - collection1
pocket guide -montreal - street directory1
pocket watches - united states.1
point st. charles - the shops - montreal.1
pointe st-charles - ateliers ferroviairess - histoire1
polar bear express2
police - north-west2
police service - canadian pacific1
policies - cp rail - quebec1
policing - security - railroad - report1
policy directions - policy development - passenger - safety - environment1
politique ferroviaire - québec - organisation du territoire6
politique ferroviaire - québéc - organisation du territoire1
pont, gtr1
ponts ferroviaires - vocabulaires - termes spécialisés1
poor's manual railroad1
port of new york-ocean liners1
port stanley railway - london2
portage flyer1
porter steam locomotives1
porters - canada- brotherhood of sleeping car porters - black canadian1
portfolio - canadian national locomotives1
portfolio - steam locomotive2
portfolio of canadian pacific steam locomotives1
portfolio of photographs of famous cities - scenes and paintings1
portland - lewiston interurban - electric railroad - new england1
portland - raiway guide - montreal1
portland, maine, grand trunk railway, stations1
portrait en trois temps. des architectes dans une société d'histoire.1
portray and describe facets of canadian pacific's trans-canada limited trains2
post office - history1
post office - railroad station - prices2
post offices- railway stations1
postal service - history1
postal service - law and legislation - united states.
railroad law. united states. cases. [from old catalog]
delaware, lackawanna and western railroad company. [from old catalog]
postal stationery - newfoundland1
postal stories, delievry1
postcards - locomotive.1
postcards - new york.
new york (n.y.). pictorial works.
posters - canadian pacific1
postes - canada - histoire1
posts - canada1
power (mechanics)
mechanical engineering.
bamber, edward fisher, [from old catalog]. ed.
power corporation - british columbia1
power generators1
power models - locomotives - accessories1
practical electricity-electrical machinery-theoretical principles-installation and operation1
practical guide for the beginner in electrical construction (1911)1
practical throttles - sound and lighting devices - signaling systems - computers - model railroaders1
prairie dog central - locomotive1
prairies - canada1
prairies - railway1
preparation of food1
president, canadian national, workers, occupations1
pressure flow car1
preston, dave,1956-. travel - canada.
preston, dave,1956-. voyages. canada.
canadian pacific railway company. history.
railroad travel. canada.
hotels. canada.
railroad travel. canada. history.
voyages en train. canada.
h??tels. canada.
voyages en train. canada. histoire.
canada. description and travel.
canada. descriptions et voyages.
prevention - canadian pacific2
price list - steven's & brown company - collection1
prince edward island - narrowe gauge1
prince edward island railway - history1
prince edward island railway - pictorial works.1
prince george, canadian pacific1
prince of wales - canada - annotated time table1
prince rupert - canadian national1
prince rupert, british columbia, grand trunk1
princess sophia - sinking1
princess sophia - voyage1
principes de base du cn - fonctionnement d'un chemin de fer - plan de srvice - avenir1
principles - methods and needs of the baggage traffic - express and mail traffic1
principles and practice of road-making - construction and improvement of roads1
private railroad cars - united states.1
private sidings - canadian national railways1
prix du québec - lauréats en recherche - patrimoine scientifique1
problems of railway construction - development - canada1
procedure - meeting1
proceeding - eastern association of car service officers - joint conferences1
proceedings - association of american railroads3
proceedings of the fourth annual convention of the (***)international railway fuel association(***) *** Erreur : un caractère (=quillemet) interdit fait partie de cette valeur. SVP corriger.1
professions, canadian national, métiers1
program of rehabilitation - newfoundland railway1
programmation - canada - princess margaret1
projet d'abandon du tronçon cookshire-sawyerville - canadien pacifique1
projhet maxwell.1
propagation of parliament1
provinces - canada - canadian national railways1
public affairs - canadian pacific - windsor station2
public transit1
public transport - evolution1
public transportation - development - history - chattanooga area1
public transportation - toronto- evolution - subway1
public utilities - ontario - cornwall1
publication no. 5.1
publications list - canadian pacific1
pullman & private car pictorial1
pullman - cars1
pullman - locomotive1
pullman cars - history1
pullman cars - history - railroad passenger cars history1
pullman cars.1
pullman scrapbook1
pullman, george m., passengers trains1
pullman, george mortimer,1831-1897 - biography
pullman's palace car company. history.
businesspeople. united states. biography.
industrialists. united states. biography.
pullman, george mortimer,1831-1897.
pullman company.
pullman-standard classics1
péroche, marcel,1907-
railroads. france. employees. biography.
locomotive engineers. france. biography.
sénécal, didier.
quarteris montréalais - histoire1
quartiers montréalais - histoire1
quartiers montréalais - histoire - architecture - ahuntsic et saraguay1
quartiers montréalais - histoire - architecture - nord de l'île1
quartiers montréalais - histoire - architecture - rosemont et saint-michel-nord1
quartiers montréalais - histoire - mont-royal1
quartiers montréalais - histoire - notre-dame-de-grâce1
quartiers montréalais - histoire -architecture - fleuve saint-laurent1
quebec harbour1
quebec (province) - description and travel.1
quebec (quebec) - guidebooks.3
quebec - consolidated statutes of canada - history1
quebec - guide2
quebec - havre st.pierre - sorel - titanium and iron - history1
quebec - north shore - labrador - railway1
quebec - queen victoria - history1
quebec - queen victoria - orders in council1
quebec - railway - labrador1
quebec - railway loans1
quebec - railway statutes - alphabetical index1
quebec - report - royal commission1
quebec bridge1
quebec bridge - pictorial works - canada
canada.dept. of railways and canals. [from old catalog]
quebec bridge - plates1
quebec bridge - st.lawrence bridge - construction1
quebec bridge inquiry1
quebec cartier railway1
quebec city - description1
quebec harbour commissioners by-laws1
quebec railway light & power company1
quebeec - sketches1
queen charlotte islands, b.c. - grand trunk pacific coast steamship - history.1
queen mary 2 - inaugural trip1
queen's highway1
queen's university1
question - conductors - engineers - dispatchers - examination1
questions and answers on the westinghouse and new york systems1
quiz - question and answers - railroad1
quiz - railroad -1
quiz - railroads1
québec (province) - illustrations1
québec (province) - civilization - histoire
durocher, rené,joint author.
robert, jean-claude,1943-. joint author.
québec (province) - description and travel.
québec (province). emigration and immigration.
québec (province) - gazetteers.1
québec (province) - history.
fryer, c. e.
david, l.-o.(laurent-olivier),1840-1926.
québec (province) - social life and customs - pictorial works.
jean, régis.
musée du bas-saint-laurent.
québec - histoire1
québec - histoire - géographie historique - aménagement du territoire1
québec - transport ferroviaire1
québec central - histoire1
québec central railway co - chemin de fer - histoire - québec - st-georges - beauce1
québec, chute montmorency, sainte anne de beaupré, quebec railway light & power co.1
radio - circuits -1
radio frequencies1
radio system - operation1
railroads. signaling.
railroads. electric equipment.
radio-frequency carrier currents.
rail - future - report2
rail - new system1
rail atlas1
rail canada - diesel locomotives2
rail canada - diessel cn system1
rail development - nineteenth century1
rail diesel car.1
rail diesel cars - plans1
rail life - engineer - narrow-gage - white pass1
rail passenger3
rail tales1
rail travel, guide1
railfan catalog1
railroad - accidents1
railroad - america1
railroad - art1
railroad - atlas - north america1
railroad - buildings1
railroad - canada- u.s.a.1
railroad - canadian pacific railway1
railroad - cost of operation - mathematical models - econometrics1
railroad - design.1
railroad - electrification1
railroad - engineering1
railroad - engineering - highways - paving - city surveying1
railroad - engineering - instruction1
railroad - history - kids1
railroad - history - news report1
railroad - industry - crown corporation - canadian national railways - canada1
railroad - juvenile literature1
railroad - kids1
railroad - maine1
railroad - new england1
railroad - service1
railroad - short lines1
railroad - speech - maurie delisle1
railroad - technology1
railroad - time - history - tragedy and solutions1
railroad - traveller's guide - canada1
railroad - u. s. a.1
railroad - world1
railroad accident - canadian national1
railroad accidents - canada - history.1
railroad accidents - great britain - history.1
railroad accidents - great britain - history.
railroads. great britain. safety measures. history.
railroad accidents - great britain.
railroad accidents. europe.
masé, armin,joint author.
railroad accidents - great britain.
railroads. great britain. safety measures.
railroad accidents - ontario - mississauga.1
railroad accidents - united states - history.4
railroad accidents - united states - history.
railroads. safety measures. history.
railroad accidents - united states.
railroads. safety measures.
railroad accidents.1
railroad accidents.
railroads. safety appliances.
railroad accounting and statistics1
railroad administration - history - organization1
railroad association1
railroad biography1
railroad bridge - colonel sir casimir s. gzowski1
railroad bridges - québec (province) - montréal - history - 19th century - exhibitions.
pont victoria (montréal, québec). exhibitions
montréal (québec). history. 19th century. exhibitions.
triggs, stanley.
musée mccord d'histoire canadienne.
railroad bridges - susquehanna river region.2
railroad cars - dictionaries.
car builders' dictionary.
railroad cars - painting - new england.
horsley, stephen b.(stephen braithwaite),1943-
railroad china - encyclopedia1
railroad commissioners1
railroad commissioners - report1
railroad construction2
railroad construction through crawford notch1
railroad depot1
railroad depots - united states1
railroad engineering1
railroad engineering - charts, diagrams, etc.
railroad engineering. france.
railroads. france.
locomotives. drawings.
railroad bridges. france. drawings.
pullan, richard popplewell,1825-1888.
flachat, e.
railroad engineering - data processing1
railroad engineering - handbooks - manuals
railroads. surveying.
ives, howard chapin,1878-1944,joint author.
railroad engineering.2
railroad enthusiast1
railroad equipment industry - ontario - toronto - history.1
railroad equipment industry - united states - history1
railroad equipment industry - united states - history.
diesel locomotives. united states. history.
interurbans special
railroad fact-operation1
railroad facts - yearbook -1
railroad film - catalogue1
railroad gauges - great britain.
railroads. great britain. history.
railroad gauges.
railroads. australia. history.
railroad guide1
railroad guide - london - birmingham - history1
railroad history2
railroad history - bibliography1
railroad history - canadian national railwais - southern saskatchewan1
railroad history - grand truck railway system1
railroad history - illustrated book1
railroad lantern lighting1
railroad law - canada1
railroad law - canada - indexes.
canada.dept. of railways and canals.
canada.governor general.
board of transport commissioners for canada.
railroad law - canada
canada.laws, statutes, etc. [from old catalog]
canada.dept. of railways and canals. [from old catalog]
railroad law - united states.
locomotive engineers. legal status, laws, etc.united states.
railroad man1
railroad map of united states and canada1
railroad modeling3
railroad monopoly - banker control - freight rates - passenger fares - railroad lobby1
railroad motor cars - canada - history1
railroad museums - canada1
railroad museums - ubited states1
railroad museums - united states2
railroad museums - united states - directories.
railroad museums. canada. directories.
hayden, bob.
railroad museums - united states - directories.
railroad museums. canada. directories.
railroad museums. mexico. directories.
hayden, bob.
tourist railroads and museums.
railroad museums - united states - periodicals.10
railroad museums - united states - periodicals.
railroad museums. canada. periodicals.
empire state railway museum.
railroad museums - united states. periodicals.
railroad museums - canada - periodicals.
empire state railway museum.
railroad museums - united states.
railroad travel. united states.
railroad museums- united states - canada1
railroad novel1
railroad officer1
railroad officials2
railroad operating methods and procedures1
railroad organization, operations, policies, management, workers, materials, cost1
railroad passenger cars - canada.
merrilees, andrew,1919-
railroad passenger cars - great britain.1
railroad passenger cars - united states - history.4
railroad passenger cars - united states - registers - periodicals.
railroad passenger cars. canada. registers. periodicals.
railroad passenger cars - united states.
association of american railroads. [from old catalog]
railroad passenger cars - united states.
railroads. united states. passenger traffic.
railroad passenger cars.1
railroad photographs1
railroad photographs u.s.a.1
railroad poor's manual 19081
railroad rails1
railroad rails.2
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railroad safety1
railroad scouts - magazine - railways1
railroad signal - england1
railroad signaling1
railroad signals2
railroad station1
railroad station, country1
railroad station, workers, passenger train, freight train, occupation1
railroad stations - british columbia.
canadian pacific railway company.
railroad stations - canada, western.3
railroad stations - england - london.
gay, john,1909-. illus.
railroad stations - europe - history.
railroad stations. united states. history.
railroad stations - france - paris.
réda, jacques,1929-
lorenzo, annie.
railroad stations - great britain - history.
architecture, victorian. great britain.
railroad stations - history.1
railroad stations - manitoba.
rahbary, farhad.
butterfield, david k.(david kenneth),1955-
manitoba.historic resources branch.
railroad stations - ontario1
railroad stations - passenger trains - maintenance - terminal
railroads. passenger traffic.
railroad stations - social aspects.
mackenzie, john m.
railroad stations - united states1
railroad stations - united states - designs and plans.
public buildings. united states. designs and plans.
edmonson, harold a.
francaviglia, richard v.
railroad stations - united states - history.
railroad stations. canada. history.
united states. rural conditions.
bohi, charles w.,1940-
railroad stations - united states - pictorial works.2
railroad stations - united states.1
railroad stations-canada--history2
railroad stations.3
railroad stations.
railroads. buildings and structures.
railway architecture.
introductions to architecture (london)
railroad stations.
railroads. history.
railroad stations.
railroads. passenger traffic.
railroad stories2
railroad stories - lcsh
hambidge, jay,1867-1924,ill.
bobbs-merrill company.pbl
braunworth & co.prt
braunworth & co.bnd
railroad stories, britain, france, germany, italy, america, the world1
railroad stories, british columbia, skeena river, indian village, construction, poem1
railroad stories, canada1
railroad stories, circus1
railroad stories, circus train1
railroad stories, construction, canada1
railroad stories, construction, prince rupert, prince george, british columbia, labour relations1
railroad stories, diesel-electric locomotive1
railroad stories, enginemen, world war, stevenson, bill, great british
canada. description and travel.
railroad stories, first public train, great britain1
railroad stories, hudson river, hotels, stations, narrow gauge, delaware & northern, travel1
railroad stories, letters2
railroad stories, north of america, pennsylvania, erie railroad, appalachian, pacific northwest1
railroad stories, passengers train, travel, quebec1
railroad stories, steam locomotive1
railroad stories, the prairies, hudson bay, war, canadian national, yukon, brazil1
railroad stories.3
railroad stories.
travelers. fiction.
short stories, american.
johnson, rob,1961-
railroad story3
railroad story, nova scotia, intercolonial railway1
railroad structures - locomotive terminals1
railroad terminals - england - london.
london (england). buildings, structures, etc.
railroad ticket - sleeping car mystery1
railroad ties.
fernow, bernard eduard,1851- [from old catalog]
railroad ties.
wood. preservation.
railroad tracks - track work - united states
railroads. maintenance and repair.
railroad tracks.1
railroad tracks.
railroad switches.
railroad crossings.
railroad tracks.
railroads. maintenance and repair.
de groot, a.(archibald),1896-
cox, fred augustus,1882-
railroad traffic and rates1
railroad trains - great britain.
great britain. kings and rulers.
kichenside, g. m.
railroad trains - great britain.
railroads. pictorial works.
locomotives. history.
railroad trains - united states.
american trains.
railroad travel2
railroad travel - canada1
railroad travel - canada - guidebooks2
railroad travel - canada - guidebooks.
canada. guidebooks.
manthorpe, jim.
railroad travel - canada - history1
railroad travel - canada - history - war years - turbo train - passengers trains1
railroad travel - canada - pictorial work1
railroad travel - canada, eastern - description of travel- guide-books1
railroad travel - canada, eastern - guide-books1
railroad travel - canada, western - description and travel - guide-books1
railroad travel - canada, western - guidebooks.
canada, western. guidebooks.
coo, bill,1932-. scenic rail guide to western canada with connecting road routes.
railroad travel - canada.
canada. description and travel.
railroad travel - canada.
canada. description and travel.
canada. biography.
ferguson, ted.
railroad travel - canada
johnson, brian,1948-
railroad travel - europe - description and travel - guide books - steamboat lines2
railroad travel - great britain - history.
railroads. great britain. passenger traffic. history.
national railway museum.
science museum (great britain)
railroad travel - united states - guidebooks.
railroad travel. north america. guidebooks.
united states. guidebooks.
north america. guidebooks.
swanson, jack w.
comprehensive planning guide to rail travel in the united states, canada, and mexico.
railroad travel - united states - history - 19th century.
railroads. united states. history. 19th century.
united states. description and travel.
webster, effie.
railroad travel - united states.
united states. guidebooks.
railroad travel.
whitaker, rogers e. m.
fisher, robert c.,1930-
brown, leslie ruth.
railways of the world.
railroad travel
locomotives -- history.
locomotives -- pictorial works.
railroad travel.

locomotives -- history.
locomotives -- pictorial works.
railroad travel.
locomotives - history
railroad tunnels - english channel.1
railroad yards - north america - history.
railroad yards. north america. pictorial works.
railroad young men's - point st.charles montreal1
railroad- steam- photgraph - world1
railroad-poetry-canadian poetry (english)-20th century1
railroad-united - states - history1
railroadds - models1
railroader - biography1
railroader - biography - grand trunk railroad1
railroader - story1
railroader stories1
railroading - history - united states1
railroading - second world war - history1
railroading in british columbia - history.1
railroads - accounting.
railroads. great britain. finance.
railroads - accounting.
railroads. management.
railroads - accounting
railroads. finance. [from old catalog]
railroads - africa, east.
africa, east. history.
great britain. colonies. africa.
railroads - alaska - history.
railroads. yukon. history.
railroads - america1
railroads - atlantic provinces - history.
atlantic provinces. history.
cinders and saltwater.
railroads - atmospheric
great britain
railroads - bibliography - catalogs.1
railroads - bibliography.
hudson, f. k.,ed.
railroads - black hills (s.d. and wyo.) - history.1
railroads - british columbia - employees - biography.3
railroads - british columbia - history.1
railroads - british columbia - rogers pass1
railroads - british columbia - vancouver island - history.2
railroads - british columbia.2
railroads - british isles - maps.1
railroads - buildings and structures - united states.
historic american buildings survey.
historic american engineering record.
railroads - buildings and structures.
railroads. estimates.
railroads - cable
street-railroads. california. san francisco.
palmer, mike
railroads - canada - biography
canals. canada.
railroads - canada - history9
railroads - canada - history - pictorial work1
railroads - canada - history juvenile literature1
railroads - canada - history.3
railroads - canada - history.
canada. history. 1867-
railroads - canada - history.
edgar, j. h.(john hamilton),1881-
railroads - canada - history.
mika, helma,joint author.
railroads - canada - history.
pacific railroads.
railroads - canada - history.
steam locomotives. canada. history.
railroads - canada - history.
steam locomotives. canada. history.
zimmermann, karl r.
railroads - canada - maps1
railroads - canada - maps.
railroads. united states. maps.
hatra inc.
railroads - canada - passenger-cars1
railroads - canada - pictorial works1
railroads - canada - rates - freight and freightage1
railroads - canada - rates - history1
railroads - canada - safety measures.
railroads. safety regulations. canada.
railroads - canada - telegraph - history.
telegraph. canada. history.
railroads - canada - western - history1
railroads - canada, western - history1
railroads - canada.2
railroads - canada.
alexander hamilton institute (u.s.)
railroads - canada.
canadian railroad historical association.
railroads - canada.
canals. canada.
railroads - canada.
nelles, h. v.,ed.
railroads - canada.
railroads. canada. history.
trout, edw.,joint author.
railroads - canada.
railroads. employees.
marsh, leonard charles,ed.
hemmeon, joseph clarence,1880-
employment and unemployment problems of the canadian railways.
railroads - canada.
railroads. united states.
railroads. freight. rates. canada.
railroads. freight. rates. united states.
transportation, economic principles of.
railroads - canada.
transportation. canada.
transportation, automotive. canada.
duff, lyman poore,sir,1865-1955.
railroads - canada
canada. gazetteers.
newfoundland and labrador. gazetteers.
crossby, peter alfred,1842- [from old catalog]. ed.
lovell, john, pub. [from old catalog]
railroads - canada
great britain. economic conditions. [from old catalog]
richards, alfred bate,1820-1876, [from old catalog]. joint author.
railroads - canada
mackenzie, keith.
railroads - canada
railroads. united states. [from old catalog]
railroads - canadian rockies (b.c. and alta.) - history1
railroads - canadians - french-speaking - coal mines and mining - canada1
railroads - caricatures and cartoons.
english wit and humor, pictorial.
railroads - cars1
railroads - cars - war
railroads. buildings and structures.
gregg, newton k.
railroads - cars.1
railroads - cars.
locomotives. united states.
association of american railroads.mechanical division.
railroads - cars.
railroads. buildings and structures.
gregg, newton k.
railroads - cars.
railroads. cars. design and construction.
railroads - cars
railroads - cars
railroads. safety appliances. [from old catalog]
railroads - civil war1
railroads - colorado - maps.
railroads. utah. maps.
railroads - colorado.1
railroads - communication systems.1
railroads - congresses
world's columbian exposition. (1893 :. chicago, ill.).world's columbian exposition, 1893. world's columbian auxiliary.
railroads - curves and turnouts.3
railroads - curves and turnouts.
railroads. earthwork.
railroads - curves and turnouts.
railroads. earthwork.
field and office tables.
railroads - data processing2