The great return of the Dominion of Canada

Calendar of events

May 11, 2014: arrival in Halifax (Nova Scotia)

May 30: arrival in Montreal

June 3: arrival at Exporail (Delson-Saint-Constant)


- work on the tracks to allow movement of the Dominion of Canada;

- movement of vehicles in the collection to prepare the exhibition of the locomotive in the Grand Gallery of the Angus Pavilion.

June 21 : Dominion of Canada in the Grand Gallery of the Angus Pavilion


Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum is pleased to announce the great return of its steam locomotive Dominion of Canada. The Dominion of Canada participated in the commemoration of Mallard 75, celebrating Britain's steam record, the 75th anniversary of Mallard's world speed record, organized by the National Railway Museum (NRM) in York, England. Since its arrival in 2013, the Dominion of Canada received a cosmetic restoration and has been repainted in its original "Garter Blue" by a team of NRM at their Shildon workshops. Exporail visitors will have the opportunity to admire the resplendent livery of this historic locomotive.


July 3, 2013

For the first time, the last six locomotives of the A4 series were gathered together around the Mallard, which established the famous speed record July 3, 1938. Sponsored by His Royal Highness The Prince of  Wales, celebrations took place over several months. Since July 3, 2013 until its departure from England, 755 000 visitors saw the Dominion of Canada on the sites of York and Shildon. A success appreciated by the team of Exporail.

The origin of the name

Designed by Nigel Gresley (1876-1941), chief mechanical engineer, Locomotive 4489 was one of the first of a series of steam locomotives with a streamlined profile for high-speed travel that embodied the English ideals of modernism in the 1930's. Five Class A4 locomotives assigned in 1937 to the rapid-service line between London and Edinburgh (the Coronation) were named after British Empire countries. Originally called Woodcock, then renamed Dominion of CanadaLocomotive 4489 was easily recognizable by its Canadian coat of arms and whistle, gifts of the Canadian Pacific Railway. A bell added later (another gift from Canadian Pacific) further distinguished the Dominion of Canada from other British locomotives. During the nationalization of the British railway system following the Second World War, the Dominion of Canada’s initial numbering of 4489 was changed to 60010.

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