Preschool and elementary students

Preschool: All aboard!

Children listen to the story of Canada’s first steam  locomotive, the Dorchester, which is now 175 years old! See how small this locomotive is compared to the giants in Exporail! Can you tell the difference between a freight car and a passenger car? An engineer or a trackman? For more information...

Elementary Grades 1-2: A long train journey

Students learn the names of different parts of a train through the observation and exploration of railway vehicles. They can climb aboard two locomotives, one steam and one diesel-electric. They can learn to tell the difference between a passenger car and freight car... For more information...

Elementary Grades 3-4: The train, a major transportation link

As they visit different vehicles, students learn how trains remain a major link in our country’s cultural and economic development. They learn to distinguish different types of locomotives and experience various railway jobs...  For more information...

Elementary Grades 5-6: The train, Canada's builder

Railway history is at the heart of Canada’s 19th and 20th century’s development. During this tour, students learn about the many important people and cultural communities who contributed to the development of the railway in Canada... For more information...

Railway Christmas

The seasonal program, Railway Christmas, is offered in December and is for childen aged 3 to 7 years old. Click for more  information.

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