Archives Centre

The accredited private Archives Centre contains over 200  fonds and collections that depict railway technology, the history of the railway stations, the lives of the workers, the development of the railway companies and regional development—which are all part of the history of railway transportation in Canada from 1780 to the present day. 

The documents have been donated by railway companies such as Canadian National Railways, the Canadian Pacific Railway archives and Grand Trunk railway, train builders likes Montreal Locomotives Works and Canadian Car & Foundry, important historical railroaders such as Charles M. Hays and William C. Van Horne, former employees and rail history enthusiasts.

The archives contain more than 182,000 technical drawings, 818 415 photographs, postcards, passes, ticket stubs, maps and over 1042 lm of textual documents. 

All of these documents were gathered by the CRHA over the course of the past 80 years, to  and preserved to be used to tell the stories of Canada's railways to future generations.

The Archives Centre operates its own specialized documentation centre.